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Careers Questions Open Thread

(I'm a trader at a NY-based quant firm, and work on education and training for new traders, among other things.)

I'm nearly certain that your hiring manager (or anyone involved in hiring you) would be happy to receive literally this question from you, and would have advice specifically tailored to the firm you're joining.

The firm has very a strong interest in your success (likely more so than anyone you've interacted with in college), and they've already already committed to spending substantial resources to helping you prepare for a successful career as a ... (read more)

2018-19 Donor Lottery Report, pt. 1

Finally, I expect that my earmarking of grant funds will be partially funged within the GFI organization, and I think this is inevitable, basically fine, and in fact weakly good.

I received a private request (from an early reviewer of this post) to expand on my thoughts here, so a few more words:

When making decisions under collective uncertainty, aggregating information is a hard problem (citation not required). I think that my relative opinions here push the world towards a more efficient allocation, but I recognize that my opinions about GFI are i... (read more)