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Thanks for this article!
In case someone is looking for generic and evidence-based advice on physical exercise, see here.

I think it would certainly also be useful to go Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. The importance of the restday-position is secondary to the workout-frequency. Hope that helps.

This is a very thoughtful point, Markus. And frankly, my example did not take this into account… I guess that it actually can help to track one’s exercise habits (as you did) and – in case these don’t meet the recommendations – adapt the strategy. For example: If you observe that on average you take the bicycle only on four out of five workdays, then plan one additional session on the weekend.

Thanks for the question Kim. There really often is a tradeoff between form (i.e. technique) and intensity of the exercise. And you are right: When you sacrifice the form, then the injury risk is higher. Besides the fact that it takes longer, I don't see any great disadvantage of “slower training”, as you say. But if the time you spend on the exercises is a big factor for you, I suggest that you try high intensity using “easy” movements (so that the form is not a factor at all). Maybe this example can help?

Thanks for your comment, Gordon. You are certainly right when you say that it is very important to find an exercise program that fits your taste. This is also what the evidence suggests: Exercise that is enjoyable can enhance the affective responses to exercise and may improve adherence. Also, it’s definitely better to do something – even if it’s under the recommended exercise dose – rather than nothing at all.

However, I think that EAs should nontheless aim for the recommended amount of exercise! Because thinking that "every little bit counts" could make one not even try the optimum (I'm unsure about thath, though). I am convinced that it is possible (albeit difficult) to change one's habits regarding exercise…

Thanks for your input Derek. I think you are right: The recommendations in my post are sometimes a bit unspecific. This is because I wanted to present a generic overview of the existing evidence – one that gives the necessary knowledge-basics but can (and must) be used according to personal taste. However, your links and hints are definitely valuable and I encourage everybody to check them out!