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What Activities Do Local Groups Run

This was an interesting read, thank you.

I have one methodological question: are the 98 group organisers that responded to the survey all from different groups? Or are a few of them from the same group, and if so, what does the data look like after correcting for this? (I fear the data may over-represent bigger groups, as they'd have more members responding to the survey.)

EDIT: found it, from the 2017 survey report: "Where groups had more than one organiser, they were asked to nominate one organiser to complete the questions designated for organisers." So never mind, then!

Yes, as you saw.. we separated out data from organisers and data from members. For groups with more than one organiser, we asked for them to nominate just one respondent to answer as 'organiser' and the others to fill out the survey as normal 'members'.