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The Effective Altruism Newsletter & Open Thread – July 2016

Looking for some input on a potential project.

LEAN is considering doing a push of charity gift cards. These are gift cards which the recipient may donate to one of three effective charities from GiveWell's rankings.

The hope is that EAs will buy these cards for non-EA friends of theirs to engender discussion and, of course, cause them to consider donating to similar charities with their own money in the future.

Before we decide to do a publicising campaign, though, we wanted some feedback on how likely you think this will be to succeed. Would this reach a si... (read more)

2Josh Jacobson6y
These seem more likely to be effective as gifts to EAs, rather than from them.
I think these would be great to give to a slightly EA aligned friend but it might feel awkward to buy for someone with little knowledge of or interest in EA for a birthday etc because it wouldn't necessarily be something you could claim they wanted.
I'm not sure in what context they could be given. Unsolicited is weird. In the context of an expected gift (like a wedding), it would make you seem oblivious or even rude. I think Giving Games work better for this purpose because it's a social event.
Accomplishments Open Thread - May 2016

In the past couple of months I've been working at .impact, which manages the Local Effective Altruism Network. My main accomplishment there thus far is seeding 48 new locla meetup groups. Seeding involves contacting people on the EA Hub who aren't near a meetup, asking them if they'd like to provide a presence in their area, and setting up infrastructure for them if they agree.

48 groups, nice!
Accomplishments Open Thread - May 2016

It's been great watching SHIC grow, thanks for sharing.