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Thanks for these pointers!  I'm glad to see ALLFED's work in resilience/recovery of industrial civilization.

I'm curious whether ALLFED has interest or plans to expand into practical work on non-food needs - building prototypes, testing ideas, etc.  (Please don't take this as criticism - I know there's a lot to do and we need to prioritize.)  Are we mainly limited by people, by funding, by ideas, by organization, or by something else?

As an example of practical work, one of your links refers to Open Source Ecology, which is working toward prototypes of low-dependency machines - though their vision seems to also include other philosophy that goes beyond a recovery strategy.

Helping governments and societies become, well, nicer.


I'm curious what ideas are out there for helping societies, or people in general, become nicer.

This paper - https://grabbyaliens.com/ - is an interesting deeper dive into how humanity seems early on a cosmological timescale, and a mathematical model of expansionist civilizations expanding to fill the universe.  Many common themes with this piece - particularly regarding the Fermi Paradox - plus some more to think about.