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Prioritizing COVID-19 interventions & individual donations


I tried emailing Protege BR 2 days ago (I followed the instructions above and included Ian David Moss in the email) and later received an 'undeliverable' notification for Not sure whether they're still active or accepting donations (at least from international donors). I'd be grateful for any guidance regarding helping out the situation specifically in Brazil, but otherwise I'm considering donating to Open Source Medical Supplies instead. Any thoughts are appreciated.


1IanDavidMoss1yApologies that you had this experience, treesintheforest. I note that Protege BR has changed the email address that they've listed for contributions, and it's now (Olabi is the social enterprise that runs Protege BR.) You could try writing there instead. Otherwise, OSMS should be a good backup option, although I don't have any more up-to-date info on where their funding gaps are than what's in the post.
Open and Welcome Thread: August 2020


I'm new to effective altruism, and also to online forums in general. I'm interested in philanthropy, charity, altruism, and more generally, giving. Regarding personal or biographical information, if it's okay I would prefer to remain anonymous. Nonetheless I would love to have the opportunity to potentially become part of the community.

If possible I would like some guidance as to the right organisations to donate money to. I hope this is the right place to post this (if not, perhaps I could be pointed in the right direction?). I hope m... (read more)

1Andy_Schultz1yWelcome! The Global Health and Development Fund that you mentioned would be a good choice. Note that the fund's 2 most recent payouts have been related to respiratory disease including COVID-19, which fits with what you're interested in supporting (see the Payout Reports section [] of the fund's page). For more COVID-19 donation opportunities, see the post Prioritizing COVID-19 interventions & individual donations. [] For charities working on global warming, see Founders Pledge climate change recommendations. []