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Collective intelligence as infrastructure for reducing broad existential risks

Thanks @Ozzie Gooen and @Aaron Gertler, for the detailed comments. As Ozzie pointed out, the findings in collective intelligence (CI) are indeed very scattered, in the sense that what we know about CI exists as bits of effects that are often not connected. While real-world scenarios are typically affected by many interacting social and psychological factors, and how these effects interact is oftentimes unclear. I don't think there is an up-to-date synthesizing effort in the field at the moment, which is my frustration too, and what I'm trying to do in my w... (read more)

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Thanks so much for the summary, I just noticed this for some reason. I'll keep an eye out. It sounds a bit like CI is fairly scattered, doesn't have all too much existing work, and also isn't advancing particularly quickly as of now. (A journal sounds good, but there are lots of fairly boring journals, so I don't know what to make of this) Maybe 1-5 years from now, of whenever there gets to be a good amount of literature that would excite EAs, there could be follow-up posts summarizing the work.