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Suffering relief vs life extension

Dear drbrake,

I can see where your key feedbacks are coming from, i think what you are proposing is definitely valid and should definitely layered on top of saving lives. But i think it's not easy, even such a thought movement such as Effective Altruism has only been recently gaining traction. It's a luxury and privilege to think of helping others on the scale that EA or other multi-laterals can do and often it's a decision to weigh the immediately value accretive decisions such as saving lives over more specific treatments. But i as definitely agree with the validity of your points as a forward looking initiative

Kind regards,

Wei Lun

Which World Gets Saved

Dear all,

For example: There are things we currently do not know about human psychology, some of which bear on how inclined we are toward peace and cooperation. Perhaps Steven Pinker is right, and violence will continue its steady decline, until one evening sees the world's last bar fight and humanity is at peace forever after.

  • My belief is that peace and cooperation occurs when the marginally benefit of doing so outweighs the benefit of not doing so. The incremental benefit of an individual to decide to join cooperate in a group would essential be base
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Which World Gets Saved

Dear all, thanks for starting this thread, this is one of the most worrying problems that i have been pondering about for the past few years.

1. I believe that although empirically speaking, Pinker is probably right to say that individuals would be less likely to cause harm as much as possible to the world and that the logical conclusion would be that we focus more effort to counter malicious group. However, i believe that a unskilled single individual with the highest concentration of capacity (known to the world as we know it) has even more potential to h... (read more)

The goods of the human saga.

Thanks Tom and greetings to everybody here at EA.. i'm really amazed that there could ever be a group that holds such values.. values that represents the best of us as human.. i'm Wei Lun, an undergraduate living in Singapore who has had the opportunity to challenge myself at some of the high stakes level.. and that has shaped my core belief of how human lives should be.. as unbelievably as thisseems.. i feel and love people tremendously.. to the point that i have embarked on a career path to eventual large scale value creation to positively impact people'

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1Raltune2yHello Wei Lun! Thanks very much for that feedback and the kind words. I've had little feedback on anything I've written to the The Pulp and the Pit [] as I have not really "launched" it per se but likely will soon as I've been working on essays. I enjoyed reading about your plans to promote those values that matter so much to you and the rest of us here. Wishing you luck in your hopes to find a country to grow with. After coming back to that short essay I wrote on "The Goods Of The Human Saga [] " I've edited it for greater clarity. I also added a subtitle to help guide: Stories. Connection. Altruism. I really appreciate the time aarongertler took to give some thoughts on it. I had sent it to Givewell to get their take on it as well and used their suggestions. I don't post much here but that this forum exists and this resource is available is a wonderful thing. -Thanks, Tom