How Engineers can Contribute to the World's Most Pressing Problems

Engineers have some of the most valuable (economically, and otherwise!) skill sets, and these skill sets are also needed to contribute to some of the world's most pressing problems. High Impact Engineers has an ongoing research project looking into the concrete ways engineers can tackle the different cause areas identified in EA, which we publish to our Resources Portal.

In this sequence, we cross-post some of our articles to the EA Forum to a) raise awareness of this resource and of High Impact Engineers, and b) welcome feedback from the wider EA community. We cover the following cause areas, which are kept updated on our Resources Portal:

These resources are primarily targeted to engineers who want to stay being engineers; in the future, we hope to cover how engineers could pivot to other professions (which could potentially result in a far more impactful career for lots of individuals). As part of the research process, each of these articles has undergone review by experts in each cause area. We recommend readers do some independent research as well. The sequence represents only the views of High Impact Engineers and does not represent the views of all contributors.