Career choice

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Months ago I added the paragraph below, but I now believe it isn't really appropriate given the current length of the entry, so I've removed it. It is unclear to what extent the EA community believes that individuals have a moral obligation to pursue the most impactful career, so an objection to that view shouldn't occupy a significant fraction of the article. If the article is expanded to cover arguments for such a view, the paragraph could be reinstated.

Some authors argue that there is no moral requirement to pursue the most impactful career. Such a requirement would be excessively demanding. The choice of a career may be comparable in its centrality to a person's life as the choice of a marriage partner. But few believe a person is morally required to choose an impact-maximizing marriage. By analogy, it may be concluded that there is no moral requirement to choose an impact-maximizing career (Cholbi 2020).

I've deliberately kept the reference to the paper in the Bibliography, and added a line summarizing its contents, since it is still of potential interest to readers.