Climate engineering

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This isn't my area of expertise, so I initially chose what I think is the most common name for this broad topic (geoengineering).

I then saw that Wikipedia uses the term climate engineering, so I switched to that. 

One contender name of is climate interventions, which it seems to me like Kelly Wanser prefers because geoengineering now has negative connotations for some people (see her 80k appearance). But I think "climate interventions" is a less common term for this, and I imagine some readers would think it just means "interventions aimed at mitigating climate change" (which would then also include things reducing carbon emissions). 

Another contender is solar radiation management and carbon dioxide removal (which I think together cover all types of geoengineering, or at least the main ones?). But then that's fairly long.

Feel free (dear reader/editor) to change the name if you think climate engineering wasn't the best choice.