Senior Research Manager @ Rethink Priorities; also guest fund manager @ the EA Infrastructure Fund
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I’m Michael Aird, a Senior Research Manager at Rethink Priorities and guest fund manager at the Effective Altruism Infrastructure Fund. Opinions expressed are my own. See here for Rethink Priorities' job openings or expression of interest forms, here for a list of EA-aligned funding sources you could apply to,  and here for my top recommended resources for people interested in EA/longtermist research careers. You can give me anonymous feedback here.

With Rethink, I'm mostly focused on co-leading our AI Governance & Strategy team. I also do some nuclear risk research, give input on Rethink's Generalist Longtermism team's work, and do random other stuff.

Previously, I did a range of longtermism-y and research-y things as a Research Scholar at the Future of Humanity Institute, a Summer Research Fellow at the Center on Long-Term Risk, and a Researcher/Writer for Convergence Analysis

I also post to LessWrong sometimes.

If you think you or I could benefit from us talking, feel free to message me! You might also want to check out my post "Interested in EA/longtermist research careers? Here are my top recommended resources".


Moral uncertainty
Risks from Nuclear Weapons
Improving the EA-aligned research pipeline


Topic Contributions

Also Future Academy (but maybe that's not an org and instead a project of EA Sweden?).

Also anything in Alignment Org Cheat Sheet that's not in here. And maybe adding that post's 1-sentence descriptions to the info this database has on each org listed in that post.

Also fp21 and maybe Humanity Forward.

(Reminder: This is a database of orgs relevant to longtermist/x-risk work, and includes some orgs that are not part of the longtermist/x-risk-reduction community, don't associate with those labels, and/or don't focus specifically on those issues.)

Thanks for flagging this! I've now updated my post to include this new definition (I still use the old one first, but have added an explicit update in the main text).

This definition does seem better to me, for the reasons you mention. 

Copy-pasting footnotes from a Google Document

Great to hear this feature now exists! (At least if it's fairly easy to use - I haven't tried it yet.)

Fwiw, this seems like a big enough deal to me and various EA researchers I know that I think it'd be worth having a separate post or other announcement about that, to increase how many people learn about it. I think many experienced Forum users won't read this whole post nor re-read the Forum user manual, so they may by default for a while continue using less convenient approaches to footnotes or sometimes not bothering to post footnote-heavy things to the Forum.

(But I'll also go ahead and announce that part of this post to Rethink Priorities staff now, to at least make that group aware of this.)

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