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Call For Distillers

See also 'Research Debt' (Olah & Carter, 2017)

Where's WALY?

^^(especially my Berkeley peeps - Go Bears!)

(context: I did my undergrad at Berkeley, and remain subscribed to the tribalism of college sports teams; Lightcone is also kinda neat)

Where's WALY?

^^In case my tone above is unclear, I love y'all across the pond really <3

Where's WALY?

Where are the rest of the upvotes for this post?

My guess is that the wordplay here flew over the heads of our US friends, for whom the franchise is not Where's Wally, but Where's Waldo.

And while we're on this topic, here's a (non-exhaustive) list of some other silly-sounding things Americans say.

Nuclear Risk Overview: CERI Summer Research Fellowship

Many thanks for this comment, especially the part below, which I embarrasingly overlooked (I did know about this database and the nuclear view - I literally showed it to someone the other day #facepalm) and which I've now incorporated into the main text of my post

Regarding "Who else is working on the problem?", people might also find useful the "nuclear risk" "view" of my Database of orgs relevant to longtermist/x-risk work

Impactful Forecasting Prize for forecast writeups on curated Metaculus questions

"To give examples of our target audience: [...] 3. Aspiring generalist researchers at any stage in their career."

I agree that writing up forecasting reasoning is one way for aspiring generalist researchers to build generalist-type research skill, but also want to highlight some other options: