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If this group has a tag, does that imply that every other EA group with a written history (at least on the Forum) should also have a tag? e.g. EA Boston, EA Philippines...

I thought this case was somewhat different because the group is global in scope, and appears to be significantly more active than the typical local group. Moreover, for community-related entries–those about groups and organizations–I've been following a  pretty inclusivist line, since there is often little or no information available elsewhere and having basic facts about a group or org can be helpful to many users. So in principle many other groups could have dedicated articles, too, and we in fact already have entries for some, such as Effective Altruism for Christians (which I didn't create but I think creating it made sense). I probably should update the FAQ to clarify this point.

Do you have thoughts on any of this?

The "global in scope" and "more active" arguments work pretty well. But I'm generally inclusivist as well — I think it would be good to have a collection of local group tags. The comment was more meant as "I think we should probably have these tags", not "I don't think EA Anywhere should have one".

Great, thanks!