Farmed animal welfare

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I haven't followed the animal advocacy space closely, so I'm not sure - but I was wondering if the cost-effectiveness number for leafleting currently quoted on the Wiki page is up to date? I remember that leafleting was one area where early research by ACE is now widely considered to be superseded by more recent research, as discussed e.g. here

I've reworded the relevant paragraph. It's a temporary fix until I can make a more comprehensive update, but I don't know when I'll be able to do that—it would involve reading a lot of the literature published in recent years, with which I'm largely unfamiliar—, so I thought I should at least remove the problematic claims about impact.

Thanks for flagging this. The entry was imported from EA Concepts, which predated the publication of most of the research casting doubt on the estimates. So the content should clearly be revised. I've made a note to take a closer look in the coming days.

I merged this article with factory farming, which had been imported from EA Concepts.