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This page might be worth linking to and/or drawing on:

I haven't read it, though

Random notes on / wishlist for this entry:

  • This entry could briefly discuss things like how useful grantmaking is, how to test fit for it, best practices for grantmaking, what people/orgs are involved in grantmaking on EA-related areas
    • I think it should probably list a bunch of grantmaking bodies, like EA Funds, with internal links to their EA Wiki entries where relevant
      • It's possible that those links should also be included in Related entries, but I think there's a weak policy against including an org tag in a Related entries section unless there's an unusually good reason (though I can't remember for sure)
        • And I do think that that might "clog up" the Related entries section unnecessarily
  • The tag could also cover posts on those things
  • I'm not sure if this tag should cover posts that just report on a specific instance of grantmaking, or that just discuss whether specific funding opportunities should receive grants?
    • I weakly lean against
    • I think the entries for donation writeup and donation choice may be sufficient for that?
  • If and when an entry on vetting constraints is made, that should be added to Related entries here and vice versa