Management & mentoring

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I included WANBAM in the Related entries, but I think using org tags like that is somewhat uncommon and I think it'd be fair enough if someone wanted to remove that. 

My original proposal:

Management/mentoring, or just one of those terms, or People management, or something like that

This tag could be applied to many posts currently tagged Org strategy, Scalably using labour, Operations, research training programs, Constraints in effective altruism, WANBAM, and effective altruism hiring. But this topic seems sufficiently distinct from those topics and sufficiently important to warrant its own entry.

Pablo's response:

Sounds good. I haven't reviewed the relevant posts, so I don't have a clear sense of whether "management" or "mentoring" is a better choice; the latter seems preferable other things equal, since "management" is quite a vague term, but this is only one consideration. In principle, I could see a case for having two separate entries, depending on how many relevant posts there are and how much they differ. I would suggest that you go ahead and do what makes most sense to you, since you seem to have already looked at this material and probably have better intuitions. Otherwise I can take a closer look myself in the coming days.

I didn't have a very strong reason for ultimately going with Management & mentoring, and am fine for it to be split into two or maybe renamed if someone has reason to think that that's be better.

I have in mind that this entry (or this pair of entries) would cover roughly people management and mentoring, rather than also covering specifically project management, operations management, or other management-y things. Maybe that should be clarified in the entry text. Or maybe it'd be best to just accept a broader sense of "management" as the scope here.