Working at EA vs. non-EA orgs

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I've just realised that I'd ideally like this to also cover things like whether an aspiring researcher is better off (1) doing a Masters/PhD or a research training program at a non-EA institution (e.g., not FHI), or (2) doing such a degree or research training program at an EA institution. This feels more like a matter of training at EA vs Non-EA Orgs, and some of those roles aren't exactly "working" or "jobs". Maybe this suggests that name should be changed, or maybe we can just tag relevant posts and let the connection be close/obvious enough. 

Some alternative options for the tag name:

  • EA vs Non-EA Orgs
  • EA vs Non-EA Organisations
  • EA and Non-EA Orgs
  • Explicitly EA Careers vs Other Careers
  • Explicitly EA vs Other Careers