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Have you ever made a valuable connection with someone via the Forum?

My initial answer was yes. But now that I think about it, all my EA connections have happened off-forum. Mostly on slack, email, and Facebook. Which I feel is kinda weird 🤔

Apply to the second ML for Alignment Bootcamp (MLAB 2) in Berkeley [Aug 15 - Fri Sept 2]

I'm thinking of organizing an unofficial version of this in Finland. So this would be nice for sure :)

How I failed to form views on AI safety

Maybe a typo: the second AI (EA) should be AI (Work)?

AI (EA) did not have to care about mundane problems such as “availability of relevant training data” or even “algorithms”: the only limit ever discussed was amount of computation, and that’s why AI (EA) was not there yet, but soon would be, when systems would have enough computational power to simulate human brains.

Btw, really like your writing style! :)

EA coworking/lounge space on gather.town

Awesome stuff! Have you increased the maximum limit of participants yet? (Asking before sending this to my community group in case it creates problems)

Case for emergency response teams

This looks like an experiment worth trying out on scale. Will sign up for the team when you start the process!

Go apply for 80K Advising - (Yes, right now)

At least in my case, they asked me to reach out directly in the future if I wanted further help. I have the impression that they’re trying to help us in the long-term, and not as a one-off favour.

(Would be curious if anybody else has had a different experience!)

Go apply for 80K Advising - (Yes, right now)

I second this! Initially I was of the opinion that it wouldn’t be helpful to me, but the advisor pointed out a few things I was missing which led me to significantly change my plans :)

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