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I'm sorry, but I consider myself EA-adjacent-adjacent. 

I'm surprised why this post is being downvoted. It takes a controversial topic but seems to talk reasonably through it?

(For those downvoting, maybe mention your reasons?)

Here's Bostrom's letter about it (along with the email) for context: https://nickbostrom.com/oldemail.pdf

My initial answer was yes. But now that I think about it, all my EA connections have happened off-forum. Mostly on slack, email, and Facebook. Which I feel is kinda weird 🤔

I'm thinking of organizing an unofficial version of this in Finland. So this would be nice for sure :)

Maybe a typo: the second AI (EA) should be AI (Work)?

AI (EA) did not have to care about mundane problems such as “availability of relevant training data” or even “algorithms”: the only limit ever discussed was amount of computation, and that’s why AI (EA) was not there yet, but soon would be, when systems would have enough computational power to simulate human brains.

Btw, really like your writing style! :)

Awesome stuff! Have you increased the maximum limit of participants yet? (Asking before sending this to my community group in case it creates problems)

This looks like an experiment worth trying out on scale. Will sign up for the team when you start the process!

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