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Hi Anne Nganga! Habari!

This looks particularly interesting to me as I’m originally from Zanzibar.

I think I should point out that the last question has got no space for an answer. I hope the form will be fixed soon enough that people will get to submit their applications!

Looking forward to see the great outcome out of this!

Thank you! Asante!

Thank you Joey for speaking the minds of some. I’m new to the concept and the world of EA but the more I explore it, the more I see similarities to my own moral values and compass.

Personally, I believe the majority if not all of the Effective Altruists who choose to bring impact through their careers, are essentially viewing EA as a “central purpose”.

Can anyone point out the possibilities that someone who chooses to spend their 80,000 hours as an Effective Altruist viewing EA anything less than the “central purpose”?

As I am navigating to understand the mindsets and opinions within the EA communities, I invite and appreciate as many replies and comments on the matter as possible.

Thank you 🙏🏾