Abundant Output

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I'm a bit confused by this comment. Is the claim that you can't profit from taking out a loan that you have to pay back in 2040? The fact that you get money now and have to pay it back at a time when hypothetically money no longer matters seems like profit to me. If Omega whispers the truth into my ear that in 2040 there will be foom, then that's guaranteed profit.

To add some more thoughts along being "grounded," my sports team has a culture of "grateful for everything, entitled to nothing." You lost a race? Entitled to nothing. Had a productive injury free day? Grateful for everything. The attitude helps a lot for building resiliency and the stamina to continue. In the context of this post, if you get rejected the last thing you want to do is mope about and act entitled to what you're asking for. And when you do get a yes, the other person will appreciate how grateful you are.