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Founder of Sanctuary Hostel an animal rescue/ welfare non profit


I used the referral link and donated to https://www.every.org/sanctuary-hostel, i did get the $25 and i also referred another person, they donated to the same animal charity. I did not get $25 from their donation, is that still happening?

For some reason, there is $5 in my account from Every Org that expires on 12/24.

I am the founder of Sanctuary Hostel a unique cross border eco friendly animal rescue/ hostel/ community garden project.

After taking a trip all over Mexico i noticed the animals were not treated well there, so i decided to move there and build an animal rescue. After arriving i decided a rescue was not enough. The existing rescues fail because they rely solely on donations and they dont really solve the problem they are a band aid.

I felt community and worldwide involvement was needed so i decided combining a hostel would help with that as well as a community garden.

Our focus is not rescue its education we want to stop strays from existing we want to stop people from breeding animals, we want to stop people from abusing the animals.

So in 2019 i moved to Rosarito where i purchased some land and have been working towards building this concept. We are still very new so we dont have many people on the team and we dont have a lot of brand awareness. I am trying to learn a bit about fundraising and crowdfunding and donations.

This is why i chose Mexico.
Roughly 70% of Mexico’s 18 million dogs are abandoned and become strays, making it the worst country for pet abandonment in Latin America. Animals are treated more like property than pets, and they are often mistreated whether living in a home or on the street.