Adriana Saso-Graves

8 karmaJoined Jun 2022Working (0-5 years)Seeking workSt Paul, MN, USA


Deeply interested in animal welfare, global poverty and public health, and bodily autonomy. Learning more about AI ethics, long-termism, and existential risk. 

How others can help me

Tell me what working in your field is like! Especially if you work in operations or machine learning. I am very interested in learning more about these fields and how they might be a good fit for me. 

Improve my logic! If you see me misuse a statistic or craft an argument that is illogical, please let me know. I would love to learn more about using arguments that are logically sound (as in, you could literally write out a proof).

How I can help others

I can review writing, help people connect arguments, and provide great metaphors for complicated ideas.


Hi everyone! First time writing on the forum. I'm a 2021 college graduate living in St. Paul/Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. I learned about EA through an introductory ethics course I took while completing my philosophy degree. 

I'm still figuring out some early career strategies that can help me identify what would be a good fit for me while also adapting to a post-grad life. I've taken the GWWC Pledge and volunteer for farmed animals, I'm interested in reducing suffering of all animals (human and non-human) and I'm also learning more about existential risk and longtermism. 

A topic I'm going to be writing about/working on is bodily autonomy. I've realized many of the issues that I care about connect back to bodily autonomy in some way or another and I want to explore the connections more through writing and research. I'm excited to continue learning, working, writing, and connecting with the larger EA community!