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EA Careers in Germany


Hi everyone,

I just finished my master in business administration and engineering at a top university in Germany. I like to think about myself to have an entrepreneurial mindset, and to be good at data analytics and programming.  In the long run however, I’d prefer to transition to more managing roles instead of doing engineering tasks.


I‘ve been reading the career guide by 80k for a couple of years now over and over again, but have gotten more confused what to do the closer I get to applying for a job (which is the very thing I’m doing now).

My problem is that I don’t know how to apply the advice given on career paths in Germany.

The 80k job board shows only a few job offerings (in Germany) in science, which isn’t a thing I think I’m exceptionally good at.


I‘m not really focused on a specific cause area, so I‘d be curious about any career paths in Germany from the EA spectrum. Remote work unfortunately doesn’t give me much joy, though I haven’t yet worked in a „remote first“ team.


And finally: earning to give. I’m willing to do earning to give as well, but I‘ve yet got to do the research on what’s the highest earning career path in Germany for someone with my background. Any advice on this is also highly welcomed!