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  • I own the domain effectivealtruism.dating, which currently points to a matchmaking bounty spreadsheet someone linked in the Facebook group "Effective Dating". Let me know if there's something better to point it to.
  • I made a Discord server for those interested in this. It could either be used to matchmake people in the server or project manage building a prototype with volunteers who want to help.
  • I am still strongly in favor of using a no-code builder to prototype something simple and iterate towards something better and more sophisticated. This is a passion project for me personally and I definitely don't think it would or probably should be funded by major funders.

Yeah, I've read in another book, the Cold Start Problem by Andrew Chen, that to form an atomic network you should think even more specific than you normally would. I was considering EA as kinda niche but it would make sense that people generally want to date others constrained by location. Though early adopters might care a bit less if they're willing to travel or have online relationships?

Hello! I am the Affective Altruist, and I am building a little dating website for EAs. I'm starting off with WordPress to keep it simple. Consider this a fun side project of mine, and friendly competitor to reciprocity.io.  ^_^

Is anyone interested? What simple features would you want from such a site? Should I make a top-level question asking this?