Agustín Covarrubias

Organizer @ UC Chile EA Student Chapter
Pursuing an undergraduate degree
Working (0-5 years experience)



I’m an engineering student and open sourcerer that does a bit of everything, but nothing specially well. I’m currently an undergraduate majoring in Computer Science Engineering 👨‍💻 at UC Chile.


Does anyone have any idea of how politically feasible it is for the bill to pass?

The mentioned tweet seems to no longer be available. Could you provide screenshots?

This is of course, pretty much the conclusion of Yudkowsky's classic Purchase fuzzies and utilons separately.

But the main lesson is that all three of these things—warm fuzzies, status, and expected utilons—can be bought far more efficiently when you buy separately, optimizing for only one thing at a time

When I got involved in kick-starting our local student chapter, I noticed most of our ideas initially drifted to some form of influencing, but we ended up “correcting” that to what has become an internal motto: quality over quantity. While I still think it's a good initial strategy for a student chapter, your argument did make me think about missed opportunities in influence.

For example, I was recently offered the opportunity to help build the syllabus for an Ethics in Computer Science course, as well as helping create social responsibility modules for an Intro to Econ course. My initial reaction was to prioritize the student chapter, but I can now see a potential opportunity to align both.

I think you're right on the premise that there's a way to influence people that simultaneously doesn't run the risk of value drift or unintentionally misrepresenting the EA community to the world; this is probably more in line with traditional education, campaigning, lobbying, and activism. In my (limited) experience in the community, there seem to be many low-hanging fruits in this regard, but there have been advances in this direction, as yesterday's post on the Social Change Lab seems to show.