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Doesn't this depend on assuming negative utilitarianism, and suffering-focused ethic, or a particular set of assumptions about the net pleasure vs pain in the life of an 'average' animal?


I don't think it depends on those things,  what they meant by species not being inherently valuable is that each individual of a species is inherently valuable. It's a claim that the species' value comes from the value of the individuals (not taking into account value from stuff like possibly making ecological collapse less likely etc).

(I only read the beginning of your comment, sorry for not responding to the rest!)

To the extent that moral uncertainty pushes you to give more credence to common sense ethical views, it does point towards prioritizing biodiversity more than a consequentialist view would otherwise imply, as "let's preserve species" and "let's preserve option value" are common sense ethical views. Probably not enough to affect prioritization in practice though.

How does biodiversity conflict with WAW? I would imagine that there's many  possible interventions which are good both in terms of increasing the wellbeing of animals in the wild, and in keeping species from going extinct.  Are you assuming a suffering-focused view of WAW?

Can you expand on this? Is it that anything to do with genes is controversial? Maybe also the possibility that success in this could increase rich people's societal advantages over poor people even more? (I listened to the post yesterday and might've forgotten some key points)

Great job on the talk! :)

I'd be curious to know in more detail how giving the books to the audience was done

Thanks a lot for this comment! I think delving into the topic of epistemic learned helplessness will help me  learn how to form proper inside views, which is something I've been struggling with.


I'm very worried about this ceasing to be the case.

Are you worried just because it would be really bad if EA in the future (say 5 years)  was much worse at coming to correct conclusions, or also because you think it's likely that will happen?

Just a heads up: there's an extra "." at the end of the link you posted

Thanks for the post! I especially enjoyed the mini EA forum literature review aspect of it. 😄

 I personally definitely feel a disconnect between my intellectual understanding and feelings about suffering in the world, and am hoping meditation will help me have my emotions match my understanding more.

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