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Hi, fellow EAs!  Thank you so much for caring about making the world better.  My name is Alene, and I'm excited to meet you.  I run the litigation nonprofit, Legal Impact for Chickens.  We sue companies and executives that abuse animals on factory farms.  

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Thank you so much for thinking this through and posting this.  It makes a lot of sense, and it's concerning.

Thank you for your support Eli!  I think derivative suits definitely are still a strong vehicle to protect animals.  Neither the court nor the defendants said anything that would cause us to become less bullish on derivative suits.  And the court agreed that the board members had knowledge of Costco's treatment of animals, which was one of the things we were trying to prove in order to show why this is the board's responsibility and thus why a derivative suit is appropriate.  Unfortunately, however, the court didn't agree that we had shown a violation of the criminal law against animal neglect.  (Of course, we still think that we did show illegal animal neglect.  So I think this was a failure on my part to properly convey why the evidence constituted neglect.)

The court left open one avenue, which was to send a formal demand letter to Costco's board, asking the board to change its treatment of chickens and sue Costco's executives.  So we did that:   And we are waiting for a response.

I agree we need to somehow update our website.  I just haven't gotten around to figuring out the best way to present this information. . . . But you bringing it up is a helpful nudge!

Thank you so much Constance!

Yeah it stinks.  The judge just ruled from the bench—He didn't author a written opinion.

Thank you so much, Guy!!  Sadly, the judge dismissed the Costco lawsuit.  :-(  

Just replying, very belatedly, to say:  You're amazing.

Cullen, just commenting very belatedly to say:  You're a God.

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