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December 2021 monthly meme post

We will steal this for EA Toronto. Thank you!

Announcing my retirement

Dear Aaron, 

   I don't think we share the same definition for the word "Retirement". 


 -average humans everywhere

P.S. Thank you for all your help with the one serious EA Forum article I wrote. Despite you and Hauke's heroic efforts, it was still terrible. Related: did you pay 26 people to vote for it out of sympathy?

Call for beta-testers for the EA Pen Pals Project!

Really interesting project. I'm curious about what restarting it might look like...

Ambitious Altruistic Software Engineering Efforts: Opportunities and Benefits

Maybe VCs use really sophisticated tools, but Angel Investors' most powerful tool is LinkedIn. It's amazing what you can learn about an industry by talking to smart, highly motivated people with years of experience. EAs probably under-use simple tools like LinkedIn, Zoom, AddEvent, calendly, etc

It's amazing how many EA groups don't have a paid Zoom account. Perhaps the process to get reimbursed involves too much paperwork. Maybe a high value project would be to focus on providing subsidies and funds to small EA groups with minimal hassle. You could call it "Give Directly for EA Groups"...

Vitalik: Cryptoeconomics and X-Risk Researchers Should Listen to Each Other More

More Systems/Complexity aligned Slack Groups:

Vitalik: Cryptoeconomics and X-Risk Researchers Should Listen to Each Other More

Nice! Also, if you'd like to get started with Systems and Complexity, there is a Thinking in Systems Reading Group Slack. The book they are reading is Donnalea Meadows' classic Thinking in Systems


What Are Your Software Needs?

Yes! Let's build it for email first, this forum next and FB (sorry, Meta) and Twitter never :p

What Are Your Software Needs?

...I think the matrix is already searching for me...

What Are Your Software Needs?

Lunchclub sucks. Their matching is terrible. I tried it a few times and quit. They have focused too much on monetization and not enough on a good user experience. 

Calendly + EAs provide a good platform and community to build on. Feel free to use my calendly and LinkedIn and manually book meetings with other EAs who also have calendly, per Paul Graham --

What Are Your Software Needs?

A seamless way to pull in all communications from all the services I'm on:

  • 20+ Slack Groups
  • 10+ Telegram Groups and Conversations
  • 30+ WhatsApp Converstions
  • 20+ Signal Conversations
  • 50+ SMS Converstations
  • Email
  • LinkedIn
  • Keybase
  • Discord
  • SwapCard
  • Patron
  • Whatever else I'm missing...

Perhaps there's already something like this, but I'm hesitant because it seems overwhelming and likely that it means I have yet another service to check...

6Lorenzo Buonanno5dA friend uses [] Downsides: it's $99.99 per year, it uses a lot of RAM and I don't think it supports SMS
1Jannika Seybold7dNot sure if it covers all of your needs but I think franz can cover quite a lot. [] Downside: it's 6€ per month if you want to add an infinite amount of services. The free version only covers three. I personally have not used it but the people I know who use it seem to be quite happy with it. If you have any concerns about privacy: sorry I can't help you there because I don't use it and have therefore not looked into how it works :)
5Nathan Young13dI think "matrix" is the keyword you want to search?
What Are Your Software Needs?

Easy, Two-Way Opt-in Intros for Match-makers:
-a web service where I enter the e-mail addresses for 2 EAs I think should meet (to collaborate on similar ideas; it's not a dating app!)
-each EA receives a personalized email saying that I think they should meet the other and why
-recipients can accept, decline, ignore or opt-out completely
-only if both recipients accept in a reasonable time frame (say 1 week), does the system generate an automated email to connect them (and possibly auto-schedule if they both have calendly -- see above)

As the match-maker, I get... (read more)

5Nathan Young13dI like the idea but would like it to function over email, facebook, twitter and this forum.
What Are Your Software Needs?

Automated Networking Calls for EAs:

- EAs with calendly sign up for weekly random networking 

- the system randomly pairs based on calendly availability match

- the system leverages calendly to book meetings 

- EAs have meetings and if they find them useful, tell other EAs to sign up!

Once we have this working for EAs (for free or a nominal cost), we could roll out a paid, profit-maximizing version. If you build it, I'm happy to shill it far and wide and pitch it to investors!

5Aaron Gertler9dA non-automated version of this existed for a time: EA Pen Pals [] . I used it a couple of times and enjoyed it. Might be worth talking to the people behind that project to learn about their experiences.
1Yonatan Cale13dSounds like Lunchclub, do you know it?
EA Online Learning Buddy Platform

I love this idea! Let's connect and chat about it --

Can you build it on Gather Town?

1JaimeRV14dInvitation sent in Linkedin ;)
How EAs can become Accredited / Experienced Investors (practical tips)

Cool! Have you joined EA Entrepreneurs yet? 

I'm thinking of running some hands-on workshops for EA Entrepreneurs on:

  • Crypto (especially NFTs)
  • No Code
  • Investor pitch preparation and practice
4Samuel Shadrach21dThanks, joined
EA Medicine Network

We can also explore hybrid in-person/online meetups. Gather Town seems to be a decent platform for this. If you are interested, some folks at Complexity Weekend are exploring this space!

EA Medicine Network

I'm excited for future joint events between EA Medicine and EA Mental Health

5Samuel Shadrach21dSure, do let me know what you're interested in. Simplest plan is to hold some BTC and some ETH. Anything beyond that requires research and more frequent monitoring. Research requires some skill that's hard to transmit in a single doc but I could try if there was a lot of demand for it. Here's what I am currently holding: [] Here's what it's like working in the space: []
5HaukeHillebrandt22dYes there is! []
EA Slack Groups - Mental Health, SW Eng, Entrepreneurs (and more!)

Thank you -- great suggestions! I'm happy to add more links if you have them!!

Give Me Career Advice

All of the above. I went to the Angel Investors Ontario meeting yesterday and invited 5 founders to attend as guests. Only one was from EA; 2 were from Complexity Weekend. I introduced them to angels, VCs, someone who works for the Ontario Premier and someone who has met Obama multiple times.

At the event, the head of Angel Investors Ontario interviewed the CEO of Sanofi and the Conservative Finance Minister for Ontario. The Liberal Federal Finance Minister / Deputy Prime Minister also presented (she is a Rockstar! I say that as someone who is about to renew my Conservative Party membership)

I'm not sure if someone needs to run an RCT on this...

Love seems like a high priority

Neat article! To connect with other EAs interested in similar topics, please join EA Mental Health

Give Me Career Advice

Great Questions! One idea would be to help specific EAs become accredited investors (experienced investors in UK/Europe). Accredited Investors can join Angel Investment Networks and other exclusive communities that provide unique opportunities for high impact.

The specific idea of using Monday as a platform for ESG investors seems interesting.  Especially if you can tailor it for evaluating non-public startups such as ReDeTec, a plastics filament recycler

5Leksu23d"Accredited Investors can join Angel Investment Networks and other exclusive communities that provide unique opportunities for high impact." Can you expand on this, what kinds of opportunities are you thinking of? Funding startups that have potential to do good in an EA sense? Influencing high net worth individuals' donations? Making lots of money to donate?
I’m Offering Free Coaching for Software Developers in the EA community

There's also a Software Engineers in Effective Altruism Slack for those interested in private, for-profit, EA-aligned startups and other areas not covered by the incredibly awesome EA Public Interest Technologists Slack space. You can join both!!

Can we get #TeamHumans going

Color the Spectrum was controversial in the autistic community; I'm eager to see if Mark Rober and Mr Beast learn from the feedback and add more Autistic Self-Advocacy for 2022!

Can we get #TeamHumans going

If you want to connect with Mark Rober, get involved with a cause he's passionate about: NEXT for AUTISM

One way to do that is through organizations such as NeuroTalent Works who partner with employers with attracting and hiring neurodivergent individuals in an inclusive manner. Please consider approaching your DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) representatives in HR to ask about autistic inclusion. SAP is a leader in this space

Another approach would be to support Autistic Self-Advocacy.

#TeamHumans !


Complexity Science, Economics and the Art of Zen.

Thank you Micheal -- Great Post! I love this part:

Design systems that scale from a small base. If you have a grand plan that requires a complete system to function, but no way of getting there, you do not have a plan.

At the EAG Virtual Entrepreneurs Gatheround event, the discussion of going from 0->1 came up over and over. One trap I see in EA is the hesitancy to act under uncertainty. Yonatan Cale's recent post I’m Offering Free Coaching for Software Developers in the EA community demonstrates an approach to break out of this trap: start small, launch ... (read more)

EA Global Tips: Networking with others in mind

Thank you! This is really useful and actionable advice.

Hypothetical Example
Let's say you are at EAG to build EA Supply Chain and Logistics and you run into a software engineer who is eager to skill up . You could:

... (read more)
I’m Offering Free Coaching for Software Developers in the EA community

I love this idea! If you haven't yet, please connect with Devon Fritz of High Impact Professionals -- this seems like a really good fit with what they are building!!

Introducing Healthier Hens

Can you post a summary/link to this article from the Healthier Hens LinkedIn account? I can share that more easily with EAs in Kenya. For example, there are a group of EAs in Kenya who are in the process of launching EA Nairobi


5lukasj101moDone, thanks so much for sharing --alex--!
Introducing High Impact Professionals

Great question! 
I like User Stories as a format to explain things like this: As an X, I want to Y, so that I can Z

For HIP, one example that describes what I'm looking for is:

  • As a mid-late career professional, I want to learn how to leverage my professional network to advance EA causes and help EA organizations, so that I can have an immediate high impact.

Specific actions along this line would include:

Our multi-disciplinary team consists of in

... (read more)
Introducing High Impact Professionals

Nathan, I'm interested in hearing more about this.  Can we connect on LinkedIn ?

Introducing High Impact Professionals

I love it! Thank you for posting and let me know how I can help HIP -- I'd love to chat with you about "cluster networking" for building robust, scalable and high impact social networks. 

Related: you might want to consider the benefits of becoming a "decentralizing hub" (for one, it scales better). If this is of interest, you can connect with lots of folks working on decentralized models at Complexity Weekend.

I'm really looking forward to all the great things High Impact Professionals will co-create and inspire

1Federico Speziali1moHi Alex, we are glad you liked it! We would love to talk to you, don’t hesitate to book a slot [] for a chat.
Forbes India - Effective Altruism

Yes, it would make sense to redirect there

Forbes India - Effective Altruism

Interesting! I wonder if we could make use of that somehow on the EA Forum or other EA websites with actual EA content

For example, gives a 404 Not Found webpage

4EdoArad2mohow about [] ?
Join EA Global: London as a virtual attendee

Thank you for offering a virtual option! So excited for EAG London 2021 : Virtual Edition!!

The Cost of Rejection

Rejection sucks and you often feel stupid for even applying in the first place. Sometimes it helps to lean into this feeling and Dare To Be Stupid

I see a lot of EAs using scope insensitivity as a reason to assume listening to their feelings is not worthwhile. Your feelings are probably better seen as helpful messengers -- I'd love to see a Slack Group or channel for discussing feelings and how to integrate them with research, action and feedback!

EA opportunity: Cryptocurrency and DeFi

Wow! Thank you for this fascinating write-up!!

I've met folks at Complexity Weekend and RadicalxChange working on DAOs, NFTs, blockchain and crypto-related activities. Definitely something for EAs to explore...

Project For Awesome 2021 was a success!

Very impressive! Is there a way to get involved without using Facebook?

3AnnieAB2moHey Alex, I recall last year we posted links to vote for the videos on the forum, but not sure if anything else. Maybe this year we could post all the relevant links and info to get involved on here - if not I'll message you personally : D
In search of systems change that lasts: 3 lessons we've learned at Fortify Health

Great article -- really useful lessons and takeaways. Thank you!

What is the closest thing you know to EA that isn't EA?

I like the answers so far. I'll add a few more:

My impression is these groups (and systems/complexity groups) find EA thinking "icky" because it is overly:

  • linear
  • mechanistic 
  • reductionist
  • deterministic 
What is the closest thing you know to EA that isn't EA?

RxC also has some useful tools such as Quadratic Voting (QV): we can use within EA. 

For example, I used and QV for my In-Depth EA Program group to collectively decide on weekly topics for the program

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