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Introducing High Impact Professionals

Great question! 
I like User Stories as a format to explain things like this: As an X, I want to Y, so that I can Z

For HIP, one example that describes what I'm looking for is:

  • As a mid-late career professional, I want to learn how to leverage my professional network to advance EA causes and help EA organizations, so that I can have an immediate high impact.

Specific actions along this line would include:

Our multi-disciplinary team consists of internationally renowned researchers who work at the interface of biology and engineering and share a common vision: to use the most advanced and innovative biotechnology to address urgent societal needs in energy, environment, and health.

From what I've seen, one HIP User Story might be written:

  • As a working professional, I want to learn how to build a workplace EA group, so that I can align my professional interests with my EA interests.

Devon / Federico: I'd love to hear some User Stories from your perspectives!

Introducing High Impact Professionals

Nathan, I'm interested in hearing more about this.  Can we connect on LinkedIn ?

Introducing High Impact Professionals

I love it! Thank you for posting and let me know how I can help HIP -- I'd love to chat with you about "cluster networking" for building robust, scalable and high impact social networks. 

Related: you might want to consider the benefits of becoming a "decentralizing hub" (for one, it scales better). If this is of interest, you can connect with lots of folks working on decentralized models at Complexity Weekend.

I'm really looking forward to all the great things High Impact Professionals will co-create and inspire

Forbes India - Effective Altruism

Yes, it would make sense to redirect there

Forbes India - Effective Altruism

Interesting! I wonder if we could make use of that somehow on the EA Forum or other EA websites with actual EA content

For example, https://forum.effectivealtruism.org/about/x-risk gives a 404 Not Found webpage

Join EA Global: London as a virtual attendee

Thank you for offering a virtual option! So excited for EAG London 2021 : Virtual Edition!!

The Cost of Rejection

Rejection sucks and you often feel stupid for even applying in the first place. Sometimes it helps to lean into this feeling and Dare To Be Stupid

I see a lot of EAs using scope insensitivity as a reason to assume listening to their feelings is not worthwhile. Your feelings are probably better seen as helpful messengers -- I'd love to see a Slack Group or channel for discussing feelings and how to integrate them with research, action and feedback!

EA opportunity: Cryptocurrency and DeFi

Wow! Thank you for this fascinating write-up!!

I've met folks at Complexity Weekend and RadicalxChange working on DAOs, NFTs, blockchain and crypto-related activities. Definitely something for EAs to explore...

Project For Awesome 2021 was a success!

Very impressive! Is there a way to get involved without using Facebook?

In search of systems change that lasts: 3 lessons we've learned at Fortify Health

Great article -- really useful lessons and takeaways. Thank you!

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