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Motivation: Accredited / Experienced Investors gain access to high value investing, networking and startup formation opportunities.


Exact details vary by country, but in general there are three criteria to qualify as an Accredited / Experienced Investor:

  1. Income
  2. Assets
  3. Financial Knowledge

If you meet ANY of the three criteria, you qualify as an Accredited / Experienced Investor.

Canadian Example

In Ontario, Canada the criteria are roughly:

  1. Income (CAD) - over $200,000/year (individual) or over $300,000/year (with spouse)
  2. Assets (CAD) - over $5,000,000 in total assets net liabilities including primary residence or over $1,000,000 in financial assets net liabilities (excludes primary residence)
  3. Financial Knowledge - CFA Level 3 or equivalent (may have changed recently)

Please take these as a rough guideline only and check with a lawyer/financial advisor for exact details as they apply to your specific circumstances. If you find more details for your specific country/region or some interesting cypto-currency exceptions, please provide in comments.

$1M Question: HOW do I get there?

  1. Income - 80,000 hours has great content. Also, one awesome EA is offering Free Coaching for Software Developers in EA! Maybe other EAs will soon offer free mentoring/coaching for valuable skills too!!
  2. Assets - save, invest and join EA Entrepreneurs
  3. Financial Knowledge - join EA Finance and offer to create a CFA Exam Study Group

Note: please have a low-bar for commenting, especially if you have any of your own tips, offers to help, openness to connecting by LinkedIn, etc 




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Crypto is as good as exempt from any regulations beyond taxation in most countries. Possibly the only place anyone can get startup-like returns.

Interesting. Please post more info!


Sure, do let me know what you're interested in.

Simplest plan is to hold some BTC and some ETH. Anything beyond that requires research and more frequent monitoring. Research requires some skill that's hard to transmit in a single doc but I could try if there was a lot of demand for it.

Here's what I am currently holding: https://www.lesswrong.com/posts/AiGg77WyxqLhfe4kC/are-people-here-still-looking-for-crypto-tips?commentId=4QFKyd7NBupkmwbde

Here's what it's like working in the space: https://forum.effectivealtruism.org/posts/KPy4yuSsGk4qMwK3g/ea-opportunity-cryptocurrency-and-defi

Cool! Have you joined EA Entrepreneurs yet? 

I'm thinking of running some hands-on workshops for EA Entrepreneurs on:

  • Crypto (especially NFTs)
  • No Code
  • Investor pitch preparation and practice

Thanks, joined