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Opportunities to take action

The EA Forum is mostly about discussing ideas. But ultimately, the reason for discussing those ideas is to take actions that improve the world.

Here are some ways to get involved with effective altruism via the EA Forum or elsewhere:

(This page is an experiment: please give us feedback on it!)

Use the take action tag for posts that offer readers a way to get involved with useful EA work. It is a call to action, an option to volunteer, or anything else.

Ideally, this tag will only be applied to posts that discuss an active opportunity. If you see a post that has this tag, but the time to get involved has already passed, please downvote this tag's karma so that the post will no longer appear on the "get involved" tag page and upvote requests (closed) tag so that it will be clear that no one had mis-tagged.

For completable well-defined requests, use requests (open) instead. For posts that seek funding use funding request. For invitations to future events use the Events page.


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