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I also want to upvote the critiques I like best.

"I also think that engagement on Twitter is still pretty underdeveloped and neglected (especially relative to the more nascent Progress Studies movement) as it seems like a lot of intellectuals frequent there and can be pretty moved by the content they see there regularly."

Curious about this! You're saying progress studies folks are more widely read? I think that's true, though I think in part it's because they slot more neatly into already-going-on political things, and I'm not sure we want to do that.

Wait, which of you has one central theory and on clear tractable solution?

Ha, this is interesting. There might be something around "growing up in EA" where you get to a more grounded place after going through a pretty normal "explore with tons of energy" phase.

Though relative to you I seem much more invested in EA and leaning on it to provide a lot for me. So far, so good!

I really liked the tone of this relative to posts on similar topics, felt more grounded and less panicked. (Maybe the others were right to be panicked, but this one resonated with me better).

Do you think it would have been bad if the "semi-important DC types who are maybe EA-curious" had had a bad time at the conference? Perhaps because it was weirder than they expected, or had interactions with different norms than they expected?

Seconding this. Spencer Greenberg's approach is to tweet, collect feedback, write a facebook post that incorporates the feedback, collect feedback and then turn it into a blog post.

Woah, love a bunch of these! Especially "How Do We Know Bed Nets Work?"

I like the low-HDI country idea, I've been really taken with something I can't find which gives you a random person and facts about that person [kids, religion, etc], weighted by actual probabilities.

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