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Software Developer @ Centre for Effective Altruism
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I'm a software engineer at the Centre for Effective Altruism. I mostly work on the EA Forum.

We'd be happy to hear any feedback you have! :) Feel free to contact us or post in this suggestion thread.


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I definitely feel it was worth the time for me personally. It was great for learning about the field of AI alignment (problems and proposed solutions). I was hoping the course would spend more time on arguments for and against AI being an x-risk, but unfortunately there was little of that, so it didn't change my mind much.

I'm enjoying the podcast so far! One suggestion: I'd love if you could put links in the episode description for all the things you bring up during the episode (books, newsletters, articles, etc.), to make them easier to reference.

Thanks for reporting this! I've updated the link in the post.

You'll need a site admin to help with both of these. Could you contact us with the details (ex. how you want the chapters organized)? Thanks!

Interesting, thanks for flagging this bug! It should be fixed now - please let us know if you run into any related issues.

Yup, we updated all posts and shortforms to include agree voting today.

Oh sorry, a recent change to images caused a bug, but it should be fixed now. (You can fix your image by editing and submitting your comment.)

You can add "Community" as an option by clicking on the + button and searching for it.

You can re-hide them from that section by opening "Customize Feed" and setting "Community" to be "Hidden":

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