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Software developer @ The Centre for Effective Altruism
Working (6-15 years of experience)
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I'm a software engineer at the Centre for Effective Altruism. I mostly work on the EA Forum.

We'd be happy to hear any feedback you have on the forum - feel free to contact us or post in this suggestion thread.


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In case you didn't know, you can customize your frontpage so that you see less community posts.

Thanks for the feedback! This feature was an experiment, and based on the results we've decided to remove it from the forum. We might redesign it and run a follow-up experiment in the future, so if you have other thoughts on it we'd be interested to hear them.

Given the limited real estate on mobile, I decided to hide the map and the "add me" button there. I figured the primary use case for mobile would be searching the list of users. Let me know if you have any specific mobile UX suggestions.

I recommend you add that in your bio, since the text search will match on both the map location and any text written in your bio. :)

We are hiring software engineers to help build some of this on the EA Forum. :)

[Note: The rest are my personal thoughts - we're a small team that may not have the capacity to consider interns.]

I've mentored many interns, and in my experience, it takes a lot of my time to provide a valuable learning experience for them. Unfortunately I think it's easy for this to end up as a net negative in terms of productivity. I did enjoy the experience, so I think it would be fun to do again, but it's a bit hard to justify with our team of ~3 engineers.

I would be curious if you think there is something particularly valuable about interning at CEA, vs a tech company with experienced mentors. My guess is that the average student would get more out of the latter.

A couple ways I could imagine this working are:

  1. If someone were just interested in shadowing one of us for a day or two, to learn what it's like to work here
  2. If someone had a specific feature / project in mind, and required relatively little oversight or feedback from us - our codebase is public, so you could try contributing in small ways first before attempting to build something larger

That's right, we are planning to adapt some Swapcard-like functionality to the EA Forum. We are still in the product exploration phase so no concrete roadmap, but it's likely we will focus on user profiles / search / matching rather than features such as friending or scheduling. Swapcard is more tailored to conferences specifically, so we will not be replacing that entirely any time soon.

Yes, currently you can contact us and our team can hide your profile page from search engines. We are considering allowing users to do this themselves. However, there are ways to view profile info that are outside the profile itself, so we need to be careful about how we communicate this feature.

Hi there - it looks like you were affected by our bug, but I think I was able to fix your account so that you can change your username now. If that doesn't work please contact us and we can update your username for you.

Thanks for asking! It sounds like you were affected by our bug, so please contact us and we will update your username for you.

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