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Jordan (Jojo) Pieters.  I currently work on EA movement building in Oxford.

I'm from South Africa :)


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I'm glad this now exists, and the leadership seems great! My impression is that work on restricting the growth of the farmed insect industry is similarly very funding-constrained. Given that, I'm curious about the decision to focus the foundation's efforts exclusively on scientific research rather than also supporting policy or advocacy work.

Hello forum, just checking in as the EAGxLondon team lead. A couple of things I'd like to say:

  1. As Ollie notes, we had some problems with the venue. We're hoping to have a time in early April locked in soon and will send out an announcement when we do.
  2. Why an EAGx in London? EA Globals have a high bar for admissions, but the UK has a large number of students who are newer to EA. We want to create an opportunity for them to attend an EA event this year and EAGx will be much more accessible for them.

Is the survey data closed access? If so, would it be possible to request access? I have a few questions of my own I'd like to try answer

Some very belated updates on this project:

In case it's not obvious, we didn't end up running this. There were a couple of reasons for that:

  1. I personally didn't have the capacity to run a project of this size. Other residencies I attended required multiple staff members to run well
  2. The Mexico EA Fellowship was targeting roughly the same demographic and happening at the same time. I didn't want to create competition for this and I think they had an advantage anyway (a more established LatAm community, coinciding with a local EAGx, and a strong team)

I probably wouldn't consider running it now:

  • Obviously, the funding situation in EA has changed significantly since the time we came up with this idea (FTX crash).
  • I'm also not sure how cost-effective/useful other residencies have been (Prague, Mexico City, Zanzibar). I would want some more data on these previous residencies before moving forward with more.

Wasn't sure where else to mention this – the search feature on the forum is pretty bad. I tried finding a post from Claire Zabel by searching "Claire Zabel". I couldn't find it because her username is actually "ClaireZabel"

I had previously decided to work on EA community-building full-time, and have now mostly changed my mind. I want to write up my reasoning for this. I don't think this will be entirely relevant to general movement strategy, but I think it's worth making legible for others

the question of whether we (i.e. anyone) should be doing mass outreach on the topic of AI Safety is over. It is happening.


This feels like a very hostile statement. It's not at all obvious that this question is over. 

I personally feel a lot more cautious about doing mass outreach. I think there's a decent chance people could accidentally do significant harm to future efforts. Policy, politics and advocacy are complicated - regardless of the area you're working in.

For what it's worth, I've spoken to Nik and I think some of the work he's doing is great. I'm especially excited about narrative testing.

Thank you for being open about this Max. I'm sorry to hear that it's been tough. I think this post in itself is really valuable. I imagine myself using it as a good example in the future to encourage people to prioritize their mental health.

I appreciate the work you've done to make CEA into an organisation that I really admire. I'm sure you'll do great things in the future. Best wishes!

I often use charity and thrift shops. The other day I was thinking about how it would be cool to have one that donates to GiveWell or something. 

Good job on trying this!

I'm optimistic about this test. Even as a community builder, I find all the community discussion overwhelming. The Forum has become a place I'm less likely to visit because something like half of the discussions don't feel productive for me to engage in.

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