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Jordan Pieters.  Working on movement building for the most important century. Trying to better understand existential risk from AI.

I'm from South Africa :)


Thank you for being open about this Max. I'm sorry to hear that it's been tough. I think this post in itself is really valuable. I imagine myself using it as a good example in the future to encourage people to prioritize their mental health.

I appreciate the work you've done to make CEA into an organisation that I really admire. I'm sure you'll do great things in the future. Best wishes!

I often use charity and thrift shops. The other day I was thinking about how it would be cool to have one that donates to GiveWell or something. 

Good job on trying this!


I'm optimistic about this test. Even as a community builder, I find all the community discussion overwhelming. The Forum has become a place I'm less likely to visit because something like half of the discussions don't feel productive for me to engage in.

Flagging that I may be interested in helping run both EA Infrastructure and AI safety versions of this


This seems great. This org has ties to pretty influential people. A couple of things I'm curious about:

  1. What influenced this direction? (they mentioned the doomsday clock, but I imagine lots of other sources of influence)
  2. Could we piggyback off of this to increase buy-in for x-risk reduction from people in their network? Maybe getting some of their high net-worth supporters to start moving money towards these causes?

There are some EAs hanging out in CDMX until the end of Jan (and maybe some after)

Agree that having a nomad friendly community near the US would be great


I think this is a nice simple breakdown of the concept.

A nitpick - I think having digital graphs rather than these photos would be a big improvement

[Epistemic status: I've never done recruiting, I don't run or have a position at an 'EA org' - feel free to ignore anything I say]

But, a couple of thoughts:

  1. Your branding and copywriting could use a lot of work. It's not immediately clear to me that this organisation is legitimate.
  2. I'm highly unlikely to apply for a job if I don't know who the hiring organisation is. The organisation and their mission is one of the primary reasons I'll apply anywhere. If you're doing "blind" hiring rounds, you'll need to accrue a lot more trust amongst top talent.
  3. These roles all seem fairly junior? I don't see much need for a recruiting agency working on junior roles. Main bottleneck seems to be finding a good fit for senior/management roles, and professional recruiters should rather spend their time on this
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I think the series Next did a pretty good job of making me scared. It's not an amazing production in itself, but worth watching.

Related thought: should we be trying harder to do outreach to early stage startup founders? Could potentially be very high-EV from a funding perspective

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