I've got a fair bit of free time for the next few months and I'd like to try learn something useful. For example, I've noticed some jobs and volunteer opportunities being posted in EA circles for web developers. It seems like one could potentially gain a usable understanding of web dev in about 6 months (although I may be very wrong about this). I'd welcome any suggestions, whether the skills are technical or more 'soft'.




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Writing - especially this course:


and this book:


The Coursera link is broken, I suspect you mean this course:
Writing in the Sciences | Coursera

Hauke Hillebrandt
Cheers- edited the original :)

Since a lot of the feedback of forecasting comes after weeks or months, you can learn forecasting while also learning something else!

A few "soft" or somewhat meta suggestions:

Critical thinking about research, including what biases are most common, why they apply, and how to know if an intervention works: https://training.cochrane.org/handbook https://training.cochrane.org/online-learning

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6 months full-time or part-time? These are very different propositions. 

I was thinking part-time. That would likely make any suggestions more relevant to most people.

How many hours/week?

I appreciate the precision :) I'd be interested to hear how your answers might differ depending on the time allocated.

I'm interested in answering a specific question  so my answer's at least useful for a specific real (or hypothetical) person, rather than provide generically worded advice that ends up being useful to nobody. :P

Understandable. 1-2 hours a day seems like a reasonable time estimate.