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Epistemic status: Uncertain and speculative. I don’t excessively hedge my claims for clarity’s sake (‘Better wrong than vague’, ‘Say wrong things‘, ‘Big, if true‘, ‘Strong stances’, ‘Correct me if I’m wrong‘).

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Ben Garfinkel's Shortform

related: Imagen replicating DALL-E very well, seems like good evidence that there's healthy competition between big tech companies, which drives down profits.

One thing that might push against this are economies of scope and if data really does become the new oil and become more relevant over time.

Notes on "A World Without Email", plus my practical implementation

Newport's upcoming book will be on his ‘slow productivity’  philosophy which is:

  • Do fewer things 
  • work at a natural peace 
  • obsess over quality
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Agreed- people should look at https://forum.effectivealtruism.org/allPosts and sort by newest and then vote more as a public good to improve the signal to noise ratio.

We might also want to praise users to those who have a high ratio of highly upvoted comments to posts - here's a ranking:

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New cause area: bivalve aquaculture

Great idea- in the UK, frozen mussels are just £3/kg vs. £1.75/kg for the cheapest frozen chicken

I wonder if they could be genetically engineered or breed to taste differently or be bigger, given that some techno economic assessments suggest that creating cultured meat is going to be expensive. 

Cullen_OKeefe's Shortform

Oh I see- thanks for clarifying! This is a very interesting idea, but somehow it still seems counterintuitive... by the same logic, wouldn't you also want to overexpose yourself to e.g.  publicly traded real estate because most of it isn't public?

If true, and if most passive (institutional) investors aren't sufficiently exposed to PE (or real estate), wouldn't that suggest that the market undervalues this asset class and you can beat the market by investing in it? Honest question, I haven't thought this through very well, but something still feels counterintuitive that you could create a better passive global market portfolio... 

if you think public PE should perform similarly to PE broadly.

I think this might be another big if... though also one should be surprised if there'd be a big discontinuous jump in returns when going from non-traded to traded.


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