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Propose and vote on potential tags

I lightly think both is better than either one on its own.

Is nanotechnology (such as APM) important for EAs' to work on?

Turns out if you include a link where the "url" of the link is just an english sentence it makes the site behave weirdly. 

The case of the missing cause prioritisation research

I think you did a really good job nailing the emotional tenor of this post and I think it's great.

Propose and vote on potential tags

I have now read the post that contains Social Epistemology.

I also wasn't clear before, but I was biasing towards one shorter label or another.

Propose and vote on potential tags

I really like Social Epistemology except for the crucial flaw that I haven't heard it called that before. Without the ability for people to recognize it, I think it's worse than Epistemic Humility. (Normally I'd prefer the more general term, rather than a term for one strategy within the space.)

Propose and vote on potential tags

What's the intended difference between Meta-Ethics and Moral Philosophy?

Propose and vote on potential tags

Patient Philanthropy seems like the general category. Not all of it will be about the debate as to whether it's right, but it seems like a tag that encompasses questions like, "given that I want to give later, how do I do that" seems good.

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