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"Insider giving" - An unfortunate donation strategy used by corporate insiders to avoid losses

I think sometimes they can write into the donation various stipulations around how fast they sell it. If you were looking to avoid scrutiny, you might take advantage of that.

Sentience & consciousness

I'd be happy to keep this tag and the others, so that someone interested in the topic as a whole can subscribe to any new posts tagged Sentience & Consciousness.

The EA Forum Editing Festival has begun!
  1. Sorry about the issues. On S-Risks, it is a wiki-only tag, though probably we should change that.
  2. I really like the idea of tagging everything that's been officially produced by an organization with the organization's tag. So you might go to the Rethink Priorities tag, sort by top, and see a "best of" list.
  3. [Edit reply] Not to my knowledge, sorry.
Would an EA have directed their career on fixing the subprime mortgage crisis of '07-'08 before it happened?

Note: that tag is currently a wiki-only tag/wiki page, but could be turned into a proper tag if desired.

Propose and vote on potential tags

Reasonable because the generality, though I think the cryptography ship has long, long since sailed.

Propose and vote on potential tags

Seems good. Maybe we should crosspost one of the recent articles on Sam Bankman-Freid. 

Long-term future

Made worse by the fact that at Pablo's request, I deduplicated the Longtermism (Philosophy) tag, with the Longtermism wiki-entry.

Long-term future

It's not obvious to me that this tag is being sufficiently understood by the Forum's distributed tagging mind as being separate from the Longtermism (Philosophy) tag.

Open and Welcome Thread: March 2021

It didn't have a card image, and so couldn't be displayed in the list on the sequences page. Sorry about that — the sequences creation tech is used by sufficiently few users that we / LW haven't prioritized making it a good user experience. Thanks for making it!

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