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EA Forum feature suggestion thread

I like this idea. Lots of other Forums have it, but we don't even have it in our task tracker yet. Thanks for the suggestion!

EA Forum feature suggestion thread

Thanks for the suggestions. Responding here rather than on the post. I like the "Occlumency" idea, and have been thinking along those lines. I've recorded it.

I also like outdated, have passed on to Topics lead Pablo.

We've heard this before. I personally lean in the direction that this is the right sort of thing to think about, but does not make for a good Forum experience. There might be other approaches like "ratio of upvotes to reads" that would serve the final purpose while being less disruptive.

Open Thread: Spring 2022

Is there someone currently working on this where it would help if I filed a ticket or reported an issue?

Don't worry about finding the perfect place (here is a fine place for now). You can message us about bugs, or post in the Feature Suggestion Thread for feature requests, so that others can vote on the ideas.

left bar links don't work

I'm guessing you use an iPhone? This is a longstanding issue that we really should have fixed, it used to be you had to tap twice, though now it appears to have broken entirely. Thanks for the report.

tapping the search icon causes an inappropriate zoom

I see the behavior, thanks.

Demandingness and Time/Money Tradeoffs are Orthogonal

I think these are all more efficient costly signals than frugality, but my impression is that they tend to be regarded by people (both inside and outside EA) as worse signals of altruism, and I’m wondering why that is.

(This reply addresses only some of your bullet points) If someone works crazy hours, that could be for altruism, but it could also be for higher status. Many people in the private sector selfishly choose to work long hours to be promoted, so it wouldn't be that surprising that in non-profits people would as well, even if the monetary payoffs were lower.

JP's Shortform

For a long time the EA Forum has struggled with what to call its tag / wiki thing. Our interface had several references to "this wiki-tag". As part of our work to improve the tagging feature, we've now renamed it to Topics.

EA Forum feature suggestion thread

We don't have a "native" way to do this in the Forum. Perhaps we should — I've added a task to our tracker. The way that I'd recommend, that still uses the Forum's UI, is to put the offer in your Question post, and tag the post with Bounty (Open). (I've replied to your on your post as well.)

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