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Truthful AI

I'm pretty excited about this. It seems to be an approach that my gut actually believes could help with AI-powered propaganda, as written out here.

Forum Update: New Features (October 2021)
  1. Yep.
  2. Oh, interesting. I think this is a bug related to me viewing the data as an admin. Thanks for the catch.
  3. 👀, still interested in other's view.
  4. Yeah, you can think of what we're measuring as "bounce rate". I was thinking of giving it a relatively "uninterpreted" treatment (ie: leaving the data raw, rather than calculating bounce rate), but I think more interpretation combined with tooltips seems better.

4.5. Re "average time", this turned out to be harder than I expected, so I decided to wait to see if anyone asked for it, but now I have my excuse to spend time figuring it out, mwahaha.

Forum Update: New Features (October 2021)

Thanks for your feedback, this is super valuable!

Re 1&2, we should definitely add a note about how early the data goes (it does go all the way back to March 2020). Unfortunately the data I felt was most valuable to plot (views by unique devices), we suffered from a data collection issue in the first half of 2021. Fortunately we do have a note that appears on posts older than June 2021, unfortunately it apparently wasn't noticeable.

Re 3, I had not thought of a dashboard like that, but I like the idea a lot, thanks for making it. (I'd be curious if other authors reading this also like it, let us know!)

Redwood Research

It launched in early August 2021 (Shlegeris 2021).

I think that was referring to the research project, not the org itself.

GiveWell Donation Matching

(I’d love it if you crossposted that post, but commenting here until then.) I think there’s another category before 9, which is “Donate to a charity not commonly supported by EAs, such as the World Wildlife Fund or Habitat for Humanity.” So this allows for Giving Tuesday to count as counterfactual. I would hope GiveWell’s was of this type (though I sympathize with Luke’s points).

Then we have another question, which is who are these people that are ~indifferent between any EA charity? They’re probably not the first time donors that GiveWell’s targeting.

UK's new 10-year "National AI Strategy," released today

[Meta commentary] Damn they have options to view in html, pdf, and mobile-optimized pdf. Holy crap. Why is the UK government so good at technology?

JP's Shortform

Maybe you’re suspicious of this claim, but if I think if you convinced me that JP working more hours was good on the margin, I could do some things to make it happen. Like have one saturday a month be a workday, say. That wouldn’t involve doing broadly useful life-improvements.

On “fresh perspective”, I‘m not actually that confident in the claim and don’t really want to defend it. I agree I usually take a while after a long vacation to get context back, which especially matters in programming. But I think (?) some of my best product ideas come after being away for a while.

Also you could imagine that the real benefit of being away for a while is not that you’re not thinking about work, but rather that you might’ve met different people and had different experiences, which might give you a different perspective. 

JP's Shortform

This is a good response.

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