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Interim head of the CEA Online Team, which runs this Forum.

A bit about me, to help you get to know me: Prior to CEA, I was a data engineer at an aerospace startup. I got into EA through reading the entire archive of Slate Star Codex in 2015. I found EA naturally compelling, and donated to AMF, then GFI, before settling on my current cause prioritization of meta-EA, with AI x-risk as my object-level preference. I try to have a wholehearted approach to morality, rather than thinking of it as an obligation or opportunity. You see my LessWrong profile here.

I love this Forum a bunch. I've been working on it for 5 years as of this writing, and founded the EA Forum 2.0. (Remember 1.0?) I have an intellectual belief in it as an impactful project, but also a deep love for it as an open platform where anyone can come participate in the project of effective altruism. We're open 24/7, anywhere there is an internet connection.

In my personal life, I hang out in the Boston EA and Gaymer communities, enjoy houseplants, table tennis, and playing coop games with my partner, who has more karma than me.


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I agree with both of these points.

I'm curating this post. I appreciate the careful reasoning, and your taxonomies make sense. I recommend readers who may not have time to read the whole sequence to read up to the start of the preliminaries section.

I really like the ambitious aims of this model, and I like the way you present it. I'm curating this post.

I would like to take the chance to remind readers about the walkthrough and Q&A on Giving Tuesday a ~week from now.

I agree with JWS. There isn't enough of this. If we're supposed to be a cause neutral community, then sometimes we need to actually attempt to scale this mountain. Thank for doing so!


  • 1 year pledge (+ 5 year pledge + 10 year pledge)
  • Something to riff off of: Pledgette. Compartmitment.
  • Handfasting Pledge
  • Present Pledge
  • Tour Pledge

You can think of the GWWC pledge as analogous to marriage, and that would make the trial pledge something like moving in together. In the romance analogy, some friends of mine who are reasonably averse to lifelong commitments do "handfasting", or intentionally not lifelong partnerships. A thought I've had for a while is that the Trial Pledge, by virtue of its name if nothing else, does poorly in the position of handfasting, where often the intention is never to get married (/ take the pledge).

(Anyway, all academic for me as I'm crazy enough to have done the lifelong pledge.)

I'm curating this post. I love the way you have done this link-post, pulling out sections of interest to the EA community. Always helpful to see order of magnitude updates to EA BOTECs.

I'm curating this post. It's very personal, well-written, and I'm excited to, during the Effective Giving Spotlight week, highlight this post from someone who's Earned-to-Give for so long.

I've updated it. One oversight of the page was that it didn't mention that intercom was desktop-only. If you're one desktop and you don't see it, can you try the new debugging steps? But also feel free to email us.

I'm curating this post. I really like the honesty in this post. Evidence I have that makes me think it's doing unusually well here:

  • There's not a lot of fluff, or wishy-washy statements
  • It acknowledges places where you disagreed with other cofounders.

One of Alvea’s biggest indirect achievements [...] is the growth and development that our projects catalyzed for the people who worked there.

I agree with this, from my outside vantage point. It seems pretty wild how some environments tend to level people up while others do so much less.

I also like the way you divide up the claims. I think this paper is a really neat demonstration of point 1, and I'm kinda disappointed with the discourse for getting distracted arguing about point 2.

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