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I would just merge this tag with rethink.

The ten most-viewed posts of 2020

It performed well in some google searches, probably partially because of that link. I would guess that most users game from google, but I haven't checked, I just remember it doing well when I looked in ~May.


I'd also lean in favor of Cryonics as coming out better on the tradeoff of accessibility vs correctness. (That is, when trading off this much recognizability for that much technical correctness, I don't think it's worth it.) But although Aaron and I both share this view, I don't think of myself as speaking from authority, just expressing my opinion.

500 Million, But Not A Single One More

In all of human history, there had been no other disease like smallpox. It was vicious: It killed at least a third of those infected, and scarred or blinded most of the survivors. It was fast-moving, traveling everywhere that men had gone, carried by armies and traders and missionaries and slaves. It was relentless, roaring up into periodic epidemics, but never fully disappearing in between.

And it had always been there. The written records of its assaults on humanity went back more than three thousand years. Over the centuries, smallpox had devastated cities, changed the course of battles, and stalled the growth of empires. It had shuffled the leadership of dynasties like a pack of playing cards, decimating the royal houses of England, Holland, France, and Austria, and killing rulers in India, China, and Japan.

— From Beating Back the Devil

Linch's Shortform

I'm going to guess that the new editor is the difference between now and previously. What's the issue you're seeing? Is there a difference between the previewed and rendered text? Ideally you could get this to repro on LessWrong's development server, which would be useful for bug reports, but no worries if not.

Proposal for managing community requests on the forum

I'd propose trying this exactly as you described but without the extra default-tag. As mentioned in a private discussion recently, I'm keen to keep the default number of tags small. Too many draws the eye for distraction. When you're just getting started, I know the site is actually a fair bit complex, and distraction hurts your ability to figure it out in the back of your head when you're mainly looking at content.

What are you grateful for?

Many times I make mistakes. Sometimes those mistakes are bad enough that the wronged parties would have cause to demand expensive recompense, or to weaken their ties to me. Wonderfully, my friends and colleagues by and large value their relationship with me enough to overlook my flaws. From my Christian upbringing, I'd call that grace. On Thanksgiving this year, when many of us have needed little more grace from our friends than before, I'm grateful for mine.

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