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Software engineer @ Centre for Effective Altruism
Working (6-15 years of experience)


Lead developer for the EA Forum

How others can help me

I'm always interested in hearing about interesting projects at the intersection of software and EA.

How I can help others

I'm happy to give career advice to software engineers, especially those with an interest in the web.


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Sorry about that! When a developer opens a Pull Request on Github it means that they have ~completed work on a feature or a bugfix, and are submitting their code to be pulled to the main branch of the code. So what you're seeing is a feature that EA Forum engineer Sarah Cheng has built for the Forum, to be released soon.

We[1] have an exploratory approach under development. No promises for delivery however. It is in fact pretty hard to get right.

  1. ^

    "We" = LW

This exists. Wiki additions can get karma. Wiki additions above a certain size get shown in Recent Discussion on the home page.

Is this subforum a good place to post early drafts and get comments?


TypeScript is being listed on its own, not being lumped in with JS (makes sense). But pythons types are an extension of the core language itself, and so don't warrant a separate entry. I wonder what would happen if "python with types" got listed as a separate entry.

Relatedly, when I was programming python, I was using it for ~data analysis. I feel like types are less useful there than they are in my current world of web dev. Is it the case that python types are less used by the data community?

American, find it easy to understand. Evidence that this isn't a large problem: the movie Shrek chose to use a Scottish accent for it's main character.

Web Bundles recently landed in Chrome. Brave didn't ship the feature. Much ink was spilled on this. It seems like Jeff Kaufman's position is that Brave's Peter Snyder is super confused. That's surprising to me. Technologists in charge of major browsers position on standards are not often confused on basic points. A natural explanation is that Peter has an agenda, but I don't see what it is.

I think I'm leaning towards Peter having simplified and/or Jeff having misinterpreted but there's something still there, at least a bit. But I admit I ran out of steam when trying to read the copious amount of writing on the topic.

I'd be curious for someone's distillation and/or take.

I appreciate that ask.

  1. I am the person who makes this call, not CEA's board, Max Dalton, or Ben West.
  2. Let's discuss this via email.
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