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Fair enough -- appreciate the nuanced take as always!

I'm honestly baffled by all the downvotes & disagreevotes this is getting. I'm really struggling to see anything objectionable in Sanjay's comment; indeed, it seems like a clearly positive and valuable contribution. Our community would be a better place if more people made (& meant) clear statements in this vein.

Object level take: IANAL, but I'd be surprised if the first one of these is illegal. It doesn't even seem ethically questionable to me; I expect very many charities carry out similar activities without issue.

Regarding the second, if this level of "data collection" is illegal, then virtually every group or organization that exists is breaking that law. (It might still be illegal, though -- the GDPR is a very badly written law.)

As has been noted many times recently, it's much easier to make anonymous allegations that stick than it is to protect oneself from reputational damage from such allegations. Given this, failing to do basic due diligence to check whether your allegations are founded before making accusatory public posts seems frankly irresponsible to me.

To me, this reads pretty clearly as an allegation, and I think not checking with a lawyer in that case is irresponsible.

Have you spoken to any lawyers about this? This seems like important due diligence, that I would personally feel was important to carry out before posting something like this.

For me it just redirects to a run-of-the-mill domain squatting type website on yet another domain.

Yeah, it's changed to point to something a lot less directly malicious since I last checked this morning. (But, well, no reason to think it won't change again tomorrow.)

Do you have a source for this? I wasn't able to find anything myself with a quick search.

One source is the Expo article itself:

The only connection that Expo has been able to establish between Max Tegmark and the extreme right-wing media platform Nya Dagbladet is in the form of Tegmark’s brother, the journalist Per Shapiro, who for the past few years has been a recurring writer for Nya Dagbladet. Shapiro also runs the conspiracy theory-promoting podcast Folkets radio, whose episodes are presented on Nya Dagbladet’s website under the heading “radio reports”. Max Tegmark has, himself, appeared on his brother’s podcast. Whether this connection is significant with regards to the promise of funding from Max Tegmark and the Future of Life Institute to Nya Dagbladet is one of the questions we have been trying to put to them, but neither Max Tegmark nor his brother Per Shapiro have commented.

Shapiro told Expo that he is happy to answer questions concerning his journalism, but that he does not want to answer questions concerning whether he has been involved in contacts between Nya Dagbladet and FLI.

Yeah, to be clear I also don't think EA can just say "nothing to do with us" here, there's clearly enough overlap and cross-pollination to be relevant. I just think this is significantly different from if this happened with, say, CEA or OpenPhil.

I think something like your modified language is about right.

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