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The world is as it is, now. Tomorrow, it will be a little different. Some of that difference will be because of things you did, or didn't do.

The differences you make could be inside you, in things you've learned or decisions you've made. They could be things you've written or made, known only to you as yet, but ready to propagate through the world on your command. Or they could already be out there, in the world, jumping from person to person, a chain of effects starting with you but much larger than you, feeding into the great chaotic system that is the world.

What difference that will ultimately make, days or years or centuries from now, is not for you to know. But know that you have the power to make and break worlds. Whatever you do, or don't do, today, changes the future.

Yeah, I also don't report despite continuing to make my pledge donations. It doesn't feel like a core part of the pledge to me.

This comment helped clarify my feelings here. It's not that the new style is bad, really - it's unremarkably fine, and after a while I'll probably stop noticing it. It's that the old Forum was a really unusually beautiful website, and throwing that away feels quite sad to me.

The functional/structural changes in the redesign seem good. I feel sad about the typographical changes.

The old Forum had a really nice, distinctive "bookish" style that I thought was classy, pleasant to read, and also somehow calming? The new design feels more crowded to me, and also more generic.

Thanks for bringing this to broader attention. I think I am opposed to this (admitting the journalist), mostly for the reasons you state.

Will Bradshaw

I feel there's a bit of a "missing mood" in some of the comments here, so I want to say: 

I felt shocked, hurt, and betrayed at reading this. I never expected the Oxford incident to involve someone so central and well-regarded in the community, and certainly not Owen. Other EAs I know who knew Owen and the Oxford scene better are even more deeply hurt and surprised by this. (As other commenters here have already attested, tears have not been uncommon.)

Despite the length and thoughtfulness of the apology, it's difficult for me to see how someone who was already in a position of power and status in EA -- a community many of us see as key to the future of humanity -- behaved in a way that seems so inappropriate and destructive. I'm angry not only at the harm that was done to women trying to do good in the world, but also to the health, reputation, and credibility of our community. We deserve better from our leaders.

I really sympathize with all the EAs -- especially women -- who feel betrayed and undermined by this news. To all of you who've had bad experiences like this in EA -- I'm really sorry. I hope we can do better. I think we can do better -- I think we already have the seeds of something better -- but first we need to look hard at what we're not doing well.

(Also: I think this apology was necessary, and was also unusually well-done, but I disagree with another highly upvoted commenter about it being "healing". The revelation that Owen Cotton-Barratt did this feels very damaging to my relationship with the UK EA community -- which typically does so much better than the Bay Area community on metrics like this! I hope that healing and a degree of rehabilitation can come in time, but I personally feel that talk about healing, redemption, etc, is somewhat premature, and that now is the time to pause for people's hurt and grief.)

It's now fallen off the front page, at least for me.

Pinning seems pretty important.

Strongly agree with (both parts of) this.

It does seem pretty unfortunate that the last paragraph of the top-level comment was in the same comment as the rest of it. 

Aside: I also recommend not immediately disabling my account when I comment once, as this creates weird consequent dynamics that are difficult to control.

Obviously, when someone keeps making dummy accounts over and over again to circumvent forum moderation, they should be disabled immediately. (Also, you should stop doing that.)

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