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I saw it when it first went up and it was nonymous, though I don't remember what the user name was.

It wasn't anonymous when the post went up, but it became so when the user deactivated their account.

Fair enough re the link!

Cigarettes are called fags in the UK and other commonwealth countries, yeah. I don't think it has any direct connection to the slur.

I'm not aware of "fag" being a common term of endearment among Australians the way "cunt" is, though I might be wrong about that. I think it and "cunt" are in pretty different categories as far as obscene words go, at least in commonwealth countries.

Sorry, this isn't a very strong analogy.

Hanania doesn't criticise anything specific about the bills directly or offer a clear thesis for why they led to a rise in crime. There's no analogy to clubbing seals here. The strong implication imo is that giving more freedom to black people itself led to bad things happening because black people (according to Hanania) have a bad culture. Which is a different and much more offensive (to many) thesis.

(I agree that this is then used as a segue to a pretty insightful and biting critique of conservatives, which is the main point of the article. And I can see the pragmatic value of his argumentative approach for reaching racist conservatives. But I don't think that does much to defend against a charge of racism here.)

Yes, I agree it's used not-that-rarely within the gay community. This is very similar to the n-word situation, and I don't think is very material to whether it's a slur or not.

If a gay person called me a fag, I'd update that they were more edgy than me. If a straight person called me a fag, I'd update that they were a bigot (and/or very socially inept and in need of a talking to).

"fag" feels weirder to me, though I still wouldn't describe it as a slur

Wait what? I can't think of many words that would be more central examples of slurs than that.

Well said; this was my impression as well.

I think you might be using "truth-seeking" a bit differently here from how I and others use it, which might be underlying the disagree-votes you're getting. In particular, I think you might be using "truth-seeking" to refer to an activity (engaging in a particular kind of discourse) rather than an attitude or value, whereas I think it's more typically used to refer to the latter.

I think it's very important to the EA endeavor to adopt a truth-seeking mindset about roughly everything, including (and in some cases especially) about hot-button political issues. At the same time, I think that it's often not helpful to try to hash out those issues out loud in EA spaces, unless they're directly relevant to cause prioritisation or the cause area under discussion.

I also thought the Oakland venue was a very good choice, and was glad the events team chose it again in 2024.

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