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Leaving Google, Joining the Nucleic Acid Observatory

I was very happy to read this, great to hear that your switch to direct work was successful!

Apply for Red Team Challenge [May 7 - June 4]

Noting my excitement that you picked up on the idea and will actually make this happen!

The structure you lay out sounds good.

Regarding the winning team, will there be financial rewards? I’d give it >70% that someone would fund at least a ~$1000 award for the best team.

Where would we set up the next EA hubs?

Do you know which funder is supporting the EA Hotel type thing?

Where would we set up the next EA hubs?

Maybe you’re already considering this but here it goes anyway:

I‘d advise against the name ‚longtermist hub‘. I wouldn‘t want longtermism to also become an identity, just as EA is one.

It also has reputational risks—which is why new EA-oriented orgs do not have EA in their name.

Apply for Professional Coaching

As far as I understand sessions will be fully subsidised by TfG. If you can’t afford them you can choose to pay 0$—unsure if this is standard among EA coaches.

I also think centralisation of psychological services might be valuable as it makes it easier to match fitting coaches/coachees and assess coaching performance.

Managing 'Imposters'

Practical advice for how to run EA organisations is really valuable, thanks for writing this up.

Retrospective on Catalyst, a 100-person biosecurity summit

Hey, I just wanted to leave a note of thanks for this excellent write-up!

I and some other EAs are planning an event with a similar format—your advice is super helpful to structure our planning and avoid obvious mistakes. 

In general, these kinds of project management retrospectives provide a lot of value (e.g., EAF's hiring retrospective).

What are some artworks relevant to EA?

This is cool, I had no idea you were also working on this.

Concrete Biosecurity Projects (some of which could be big)

This could be easier, yes. I know of one person who models the defensive potential of different metagenomic sequencing approaches, but I think there is space for at least 3-5 additional people doing this. 

Concrete Biosecurity Projects (some of which could be big)

I think he was explicitly addressing your question of sexually-transmitted diseases being capable of triggering pandemics, not if they can end civilization. 

Discussing the latter in detail would quickly get into infohazards—but I think we should spend some of our efforts (10%) on defending against non-respiratory viruses. But I haven't thought about this in detail.

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