Given the recent publicity drive coinciding with the release of WWOTF, are there already signs of increased in-depth engagement with EA or longtermism? If so, what would we want to look at? 

For instance, traffic to the EA Forum has markedly increased even before the recent publications (graph was published in June):

Link to comment by Stefan Schubert

Based on this I'd be interested to see how different metrics for engagement will develop over the coming months.

E.g., looking at google searches for longtermism, there is a notable uptick:

Searches for longtermism  - Link

The same is true for visits to Will MacAskill's Wikipedia page:


Wikipedia Pageviews of Will MacAskill - Link
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I suspect the curve is even more dramatic now. It would be great if we could get an updated version of that logged-in users graph. Would also be really interesting to see anonymous viewers as well!


Thanks, I saw a similar graph on Twitter! Wondering what kind of measurements would most clearly indicate more in-depth-engagement with EA—though traffic to the Forum likely comes close to that.

Total donations, total donors, number of positive articles written, number of ea adjacent orgs, number of organizations mentioning their dalys/qalys? I'm not sure, but those are some ideas.


Thanks, fixed!