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Hi! My name is Charlie, and I am the new executive director of Effective Altruism Norway. I was born and raised in the USA, but I have lived in Norway now for the last 10 years and have dual citizenship.

My interests include animal welfare, future history, politics, and meta-EA questions


How can CEA be a leader if it isolates itself from the very community  it wants to lead when things get difficult and complicated?

Hi Thanks for the reply! I am not a phage expert myself, there is just some interest in this field in Norway as well right now. If there are any further developments I will try to keep you in the loop!

I would have also suggested a prize that generally confirms your views, but with an argument that you consider superior to your previous beliefs. 

 This prize is similar to the bias of printing research that claims something new rather than confirming previous research. 

That would also resolve any particular bias baked into the process that compels people to convince you that you have to update instead of actually figuring out what they actually think is right.

Could you provide a deeper idea of what you mean by "misaligned"?

Thank you for writing this. While recognizing the important role religion plays in society, I feel that even though you take your preferences seriously, you did not consider the religious world-view and the consequences of it.

 What if, in fact, there is a God? What if a religion is correct? What if there is meaning to the universe? Unless you ask those questions, in my opinion, you are just using religion as a weathervane to determine human values, not actually addressing the religious experience. You are not explaining why religion is so prominent or why it is so profoundly different than a materialist world view.

To prompt some thinking on this:

Why, in fact, are people religious? What if an AGI began to believe in God, or had a transcendental experience of its own that informed its actions? Would you then call it misaligned? How do you think being religious would affect you? 

Another org worth looking at is: UN Principles for Responsible Investment . They work on shareholder advocacy and have a lot of experience now, though they focus on issues EA might not prioritize.

Hi Pia,

Thanks for the reply, that is helpful! Hiring is definitely difficult and getting it right has absurdly good benefits! Tangential to this, I think Open Phil has recently been putting a lot of effort into having a good recruitment team. Might be worth getting in touch with them!

Could you write a little about the successes, positive impact, and theory of change of the recruitment industry? My personal and professional experience has not given me a positive perspective on the role of recruiters or their success in finding the right candidates. The success rate of recruited candidates doesn't seem to be (in my anecdotal experience) any greater than those who are vetted by the org or company in a normal process.  Have I just been unlucky?

Hi Nathan,
Thanks for the write up, I am really happy to see more political thinking here on the forum!

Just to pull a little on your thinking of impact in politics, which role in politics do you believe has the most leverage? Do you see more leverage by being a voting member of a party, an expert who lobby's for a particular cause, or being a politician? Something else?

Also, in terms of cause areas, my impression is that we in EA are reluctant to frame issues in any way other than that which fits the EA moral framework even if that might get more traction for a cause. Do you have any good ideas or examples of how we could frame cause areas in a manner that helps us meet voters and politicians halfway and on accessible terms?



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