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Does anyone have a current mapping of the EA ecosystem? Something that would include, for example:

  • current cause areas
  • current philosophic perspectives and debates
  • epistemics
  •  geographic reach
  • main institutions
  • related institutions
  • membership/supporter numbers
  • forums of engagement like the EA forum
  • longtermism today
  • neartermism today
  • funding
  • longitudinal analysis of EAs intellectual and cause development

I am building off of Gidon's earlier post on the exploratory obstacle. If I wanted a complete introduction to EA, does anyone have a document or website that they could point to? Please let me know if there should be anything else on that list to describe EA today!

Thanks for your help!




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Not exactly what you are looking for, but here is an actual [metaphorical] map (although it could do with updating; it's from Feb 2020):

Oh Wow, that's a really fun idea. Thanks for sharing! It's like someone was writing an EA  fantasy series. 

These might be useful for creating a map:

Thanks Gidon! Would you think this is a useful exercise to try?

I think it does! It's important in my opinion that there would be someone who can maintain the map over time, and that it would be easy to make changes to (e.g. if it's an infographic then it can be made easy if it's made in Canva)
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I'm not aware of anything like this existing. Somebody make one please! I'd be happy to help out

Hi Jordan, 

Thanks for the interest! I am not sure what form this would take, or if I am the right person to be doing it, but if something happens to come up I will keep you in the loop 

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