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Existential risk is a very broad tag, and can apply to any post which discusses risks to human civilization or the human species.

The Coronavirus tag can cover posts about any aspect of the pandemic (biological, social, economic, etc.)

The Movement Strategy tag covers posts about improving the prospects of the EA movement in ways that don't directly relate to improving our reasoning; for example, through growth, media relations, or internal coordination.

Wild Animal Welfare posts discuss ideas and interventions related to improving the welfare of wild animals. For discussion of animals that are farmed by humans, see the Farmed Animal Welfare tag.

The Career Choice tag is used for posts about finding a high-impact career, whether that means choosing between several fields or applying successfully to jobs within one's chosen field.

Farmed Animal Welfare posts discuss ideas and interventions related to improving the welfare of farmed animals. For discussion of animals that aren't farmed by humans, see the Wild Animal Welfare tag.

The Forum Prize tag is used for posts that won the EA Forum Prize, as well as posts that announce the winning posts and comments.

Cause Prioritization: Finding the most important causes to work on and comparing interventions across different areas, so that we can do as much good as possible with the resources available to us. 

Use the Org Update tag for posts where EA-aligned organizations share their recent progress and other news.

The Policy Change tag is very broad, covering any post about improving government policy (in developing and developed countries alike). 

The Moral Philosophy tag is very wide-ranging, and can be used alongside more specific tags like Longtermism (Philosophy).

Longtermism is the idea that we can maximize our impact by working to ensure that the long-run future goes well (because it may contain an enormous number of people whose lives we may be able to improve).

The AI Alignment tag is used for posts that discuss aligning AI systems with human interests, and for meta-discussion about whether this goal is worthwhile, achievable, etc.

EA Funding posts discuss EA funding networks, the availability of funds for different cause areas, grantmaking strategy, etc.

Not meant for posts that discuss specific funding decisions (for that, use the "Donation Writeup" tag).

Use the Open Thread tag for open/welcome threads. That's all!

The Global Health and Development tag can cover any post about improving public health, reducing poverty, or increasing economic growth; most of these posts will discuss the developing world, but this isn't strictly necessary.

The Climate Change tag can be used for posts about any aspect of the topic (research, funding, prioritization, and so on).

EA Lifestyle posts discuss ways to integrate effective altruism with the rest of one's life. Topics include mental health, childcare, personal finance, and more.

AI Governance involves working on AI alignment in legal and political contexts. 

In a Donation Writeup post, someone explains why they've chosen to donate or grant money to a particular recipient, or why they've recommended that other people donate. (For example, GiveWell's charity analyses would count.)

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