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Parent Topic: Forecasting

Squiggle is a special-purpose coding language for generating  probability distributions, estimates of variables over time, and similar tasks. It was developed by the Quantified Uncertainty Research Institute.


The official basics guide[1] is a good written guide if you have experience programming and/or have a specific project in mind already. 

There’s also a few simple worked examples on the forum to demonstrate squiggle’s value[2], and a more complex model based on GiveWell's cost effectiveness analyses[3]

Note that squiggle is still in development and has several known bugs[4]

Squiggle official website.

Squiggle basics guide

Squiggle components: tools to implement squiggle into websites

Squiggle Tweaker: Simple squiggle visualiser

Squiggle to Graph [WIP]: generate visual dependency graph of squiggle code 

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