Global priorities research

One definition of global priorities research is "research into issues that arise in response to the question, ‘What should we do with a given amount of limited resources if our aim is to do the most good?’"[1] This can include finding and prioritising between different causes as well as macrostrategy or "foundational" research that would inform cause prioritization in a less direct way (e.g., research into the Fermi paradox or whether we're living at the hinge of history).


80,000 Hours rates global priorities research a "highest priority area": a problem at the top of their ranking of global issues assessed by importance, tractability and neglectedness.[2]

Further reading

Duda, Roman (2016) Global priorities research, 80,000 Hours, April (updated July 2018).

O’Keeffe-O’Donovan, Rossa (2020) An introduction to global priorities research, Effective Altruism Student Summit 2020, October 25.
An introduction to global priorities research, including  a discussion of how it differs from cause prioritization research.

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