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I am a research analyst at the Forethought Foundation for Global Priorities Research and a research assistant at Oxford's Global Priorities Institute. I started this role after completing the MPhil in Economics at Oxford University. Before that, I studied Mathematics and Philosophy at the University of St Andrews.

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Im recently trying these out. I found the relevant bits (see timestamps in the video description) of this podcast quite convincing. There's another related one on gut health. It's very critical of processed foods, which sounded right but I found it a bit thin on details. 

Answer by arvommMay 24, 202330

I love vegan health org! It's my favourite one and use it for most things! There are some resources on here (with more coming soon).  This vegan power smoothie is good too! 🍹

Thank you very much Felix! Have added the podcast πŸ“‘ and yes, @saulius 's list and feedback have been really helpful!  

Hello! A quick question about deadlines. 

Context: I'm considering applying for PhD funding (Economics PhD on EA-aligned research).

The EA fund's  official website says: "The Long-Term Future Fund will respond with a funding decision within six weeks, and typically in just three weeks. If you need to hear back sooner (e.g., within just a few days), you can let us know in the application form, and we will see what we can do." (same for IF) 

Whereas  the EA forum  apply now post says: "The upcoming application deadlines and funding decision dates are: 7 Mar 2021, decision by 2 Apr 2021 13 Jun 2021, decision by 9 Jul 2021 3 Oct 2021, decision by 29 Oct 2021 6 Feb 2022, decision by 4 Mar 2022 5 Jun 2022, decision by 1 Jul 2022 2 Oct 2022, decision by 28 Oct 2022" (and the deadlines seem to apply to all three funds not just animal welfare)

The answer seems important in deciding whether I should send my application in by tomorrow.