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We'd be supportive of translations of the working paper summaries being created, but we currently don't have the capacity to organise this ourselves. If there are people who'd like to work on this, feel free to get in touch. (@Pablo: We'll reach out to you.)

Even though this is a bit outdated now, the first 10 minutes of this talk at EAG 2018 give a good overview of GPI's high-level theory of change.

You are more than welcome to post a response on any medium you choose. That said, as GPI's mission is in part to bring EA-relevant research topics into the academic mainstream, responses in the form of academic publications are particularly encouraged.

Thank you for asking! The ordering of research areas in the Table of Contents does loosely track our research prioritisation, but only within the constraints of making the Agenda a reasonably coherent document, with similar subject matter grouped together.

We hope to post a web-friendly version of the agenda in the next month or two. This version will let users sort the research topics in various ways, including, potentially, directly on the basis of research priority.

We expect to accept two fellows this year, though the number is somewhat flexible.