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Center for Election Science

The Center for Election Science (CES) is a nonprofit organization that campaigns for electoral reform in the United States. It advocates cardinal voting methods, with an emphasis on approval voting.


CES was involved in successful campaigns to help pass approval voting in the cities of Fargo, North Dakota and St. Louis, Missouri.[1][2] In November 2021, CES launched a campaign to get approval voting adopted in Seattle, Washington in the November 2022 election.[3] As of June 2022, the campaign has gathered the signatures necessary to include a ballot initiative on the November ballot.[4]


As of August 2022, CES has received over $2.4 million in grants from Open Philanthropy,[5] $300,000 from the Future Fund,[6] $100,000 from Effective Altruism Funds,[7][8] and over $40,000 from the Survival and Flourishing Fund.[9]


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