Effective Altruism Funds (often called EA Funds) are expert-managed, cause-specific pools of funds for regranting. This structure allows small and large donors to efficiently delegate their charitable decision-making to central fund managers. Since the EA Funds sometimes support small, speculative, or individual projects that would not normally qualify for tax deductions, this can also be tax-efficient, as donations to EA Funds are deductible in some jurisdictions.

EA Funds is a spin-off of the Centre for Effective Altruism. Currently, four Funds exist:

  1. Global Health and Development
  2. Animal Welfare
  3. Long-Term Future
  4. Effective Altruism Infrastructure

Further reading

Shulman, Carl (2016) Risk-neutral donors should plan to make bets at the margin at least as well as giga-donors in expectation, Effective Altruism Forum, December 30. 

Effective Altruism Funds. Official website.

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